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    4 Quick Tips to Beat Fatigue


    A little effort and a positive attitude will perk you up in a flash. These simple energizing tips will give you new life.


    1. Eat properly.

    Nutritious meals are number one in the battle against fatigue. Make sure to eat high-protein foods, such as meat, cheese, eggs and whole-grain breads with each meal. Munch on fruit when you need a snack. Avoid too much caffeine.

    You may want to try perking yourself up with a high potency vitamin B complex, Fifty mg. Of B15 with each meal is said to help. Cayenne pepper is another natural stimulant. You can mix a teaspoon in hot water or take it in capsule form.

    2. Get Proper rest.

    If you are not getting enough at night, take a break and nap during the day. Or perhaps before you head out at night if youre a late night partygoer.

    3. Keep in shape with exercise.

    A good daily walk will get those tired muscles moving. You don't have to go to the gym everyday, but you should avoid sitting on your tush all day.

    4. Meditate.

    Any form of meditation can be a real, natural healer. Just sit quietly, breathe deeply, and let your mind forget your daily hassles. Think of pleasant things.

    Re-energizing your dead batteries will help you put fatigue to rest for good.

    Above all, you can fight fatigue best by keeping a positive mental attitude. Try the tips mentioned, and pamper yourself; take a break when you need it.
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