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    How to Stop the Excuses, and Start Working Out


    Boy oh boy, the excuses!

    You know what I mean - 'too tired', 'body aches', 'not enough time'.

    Sometimes we trick our mind and body into premeditated defeat by accepting these excuses ourselves. It really is, 'all in the head' most of the time - and easily overcome, some of the time.

    Woman Unmotivated to Workout

    Here's some easy to follow advise to help you stop the excuses.

    First, Stop the Excuses

    C'mon, let's shoot shoot down each of those three right now! Let's see, if you're tired, and you start to workout - are you going to fall asleep on the floor doing a set of jumping jacks? No sir, exercise will actually boost your energy levels. You should probably avoid a heavy workout just before bedtime as you will find it harder to fall asleep. Secondly, 'body aches' - well, if your body is hurtin' then you should be workin'.. out. Sorry, that was a terrible attempt to add some humor to this article. It's true though - most cases of muscle and joint pain are caused by sedimentary and inactive lifestyles. The excuses about time are easily countered. Even if you worked out for 60 minutes, you'd still have 1,380 minutes left in the day to do as you please. Of course maybe being healthy just isn't your thing. Maybe you'd just rather be tired and grumpy all the time, have heart disease, get out of breath while you get the mail, and possibly even prematurely 'erhem', croak.

    Then, Start Working Out

    When is a good time for you? Might as well be right here, right now. Seriously. Go ahead - while your sitting in your chair, put your feet next to each other and squeeze your legs together at the knees tightly. Hold it for 10 seconds, remember to breath, and release. Did ya feel that? Yea, my adductors are weak too! Better not overexert yourself yet. Before starting a workout you need to know what your body can handle. People come from all walks of life, so I am not going to assume the physical condition of anyone reading this. You probably know best what your body feels like, and your physical limitations. Your doctor can give you additional insight when starting a workout regime, but probably won't be there to spot you.

    Once You've Started

    Following a few basic guidelines will help keep you on track.

    Take it Easy!.

    As a general and safe rule: If it hurts excruciatingly, don't do it. When you're just starting to workout, you don't want to incur physical injury by trying to jump into P90X, Tae Bo or some other intense workout regime. If you rush yourself to see immediate results, or try to shed pounds like a husky sheds hair in the summer. You're only going to get discouraged. If you're just getting started working out, plan on spending the first month only doing stretches and light exercises.

    Make Small Goals

    You know, ones that won't take 5 years to accomplish. Maybe to be able to touch your toes, or to do a set number of pushups. Eventually you can amp it up and try to walk a mile, two even. When you do, time how long it takes you and try to do it faster the next time. Keep giving yourself some drive by always try to 'one-up' your best time, or highest number of sets. You'll be surprised how accomplished you feel beating yourself.

    Small Changes to Daily Patterns

    Start with trying to fit workout activities into your normal preexisting routines. Maybe there's a TV show that you watch religiously M-F at 6PM. Start working out during the commercials. Is there anywhere you go a couple times a week or more that you could walk or bike to? Try it!. Once you've started to workout, you may not ever go back to 'just sitting around'. Why would you want to!? It feels so good being active and in shape. Consistency is key, and don't forget, to forget about the excuses.
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