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    Is Weight Watchers a Diet, or Not?

    What is a 'Diet'?

    The word diet actually is one of those words that can be used as a noun, or a verb. Which is likely where some confusion takes place. To start, let's take a quick look at the definition of the word, diet.

    : to eat less or according to certain rules in order to lose weight

    : the food and drink that a person or animal usually takes


    So is it either of those, both, or neither?

    We'd say the Weight Watchers Program is both, but maybe neither.... It isn't really like other diets(v. definition), or diets(n. definition) for that matter. It's actually a complete program that takes into account a broader spectrum of the human body and digestive system that goes beyond just limiting food to lose weight. That is where the "lifestyle" phrase comes from, because it takes that kind of change

    Think You Can Do It?

    You CAN! We've seen thousands of people just like you, lose a cumulative thousands of pounds following the Weight Watchers program. Getting started is actually the easy part here. Staying committed is where you need to bite the bullet, get help if you need it, and keep on keeping on.

    How Can You Get Started?

    It's simple... Just sign up!

    You've Already Signed Up - Now What?

    Once you've started the program, it's important to attend regular meetings and weigh-ins. If you can't attend the regular meetings or weigh-ins, or even if you just want additional support in between - we recommend you join other Weight Watchers online in our Boot Camp Buddies Forum. For the program to work, it is important to have a daily or weekly support network.

    So What if You Can't Afford Weight Watchers?

    If you're unable to pay for Weight Watchers, unable to access meetings, or unable to receive official program guidelines - You can still lose weight!

    The Weight Watchers program is based on very firm science, and lots of research. Fortunately, most of this science and research is published publicly. If you can understand the scientific principals behind the program, then you may be able to safely and successfully lose weight using science! Cool huh!?

    Just remember, many people have trouble staying on the already, very easy to follow, guided program that is provided by Weight Watchers. If you think you're super smart, and your commitment is unwavering - you might be able to wing it.

    We don't recommend it, but if you look around, it's easy to learn the way from your peers and there is literally tons of free information out there. Some of it, even right here.
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