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    Is Your Workout Routine Losing it's Excitement?


    There are many things that could cause your workout routine to lose it's excitement. Luckily, there are just as many ways bring your motivation levels back up! You shouldn't be avoiding the mere thought of breaking a sweat... but if you are: Here are some of the best ways that you can get yourself back in the groove!

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    Switch It Up!

    If your current workout routine seems as though it's not working anymore, or you've lost the initial excitement of working out. You'll need to switch it up and find a new routine! Start by compiling a list of exercises or activities that you DO enjoy. Which muscle groups do they the focus on? Are you getting enough cardio with them? Be sure that you are targeting all of your muscle groups, and alternating between them each day that you workout. You'll want to give each group some time to rest while you work the other muscles.

    Find the Right Intensity

    You'll know you're over-training if you start feeling tired all of the time, are having trouble sleeping, or feel sore most of the week. If that happens, you'll want to reduce the intensity of your routines. At some point, when you have gained strength and endurance, you may find your current workout routine is too easy (sometimes this will show itself as boredom). You're body is ready for more, and you should intensify your workout routine.

    Add Variety

    There are many ways to add variety to your workouts. Try a unique exercise that you've never tried before, get a new piece of equipment or workout dvds. Maybe there's a hiking trail nearby that you've never been down. Go and check it out! Always try to keep yourself 'in the game' with workout routines that you can tolerate.

    Find Support

    Moral support can be just the ticket you need to keep on keeping on with your workout routine. Find a family member or friend to workout with you. Join an online support group, like our Boot Camp Buddies, that you can check in with. Having others that are working out with you, makes you accountable for any missed workouts. Don't leave them hanging at the gym alone! If you find a good partner, they won't leave you hanging either.
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