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  2. Hi Jason:

    Not too excited that anyone can see our email addresses now. Also, # of posts we have typed is no where near correct.

    Have a great day.


    1. dirtcakes


      Hey Ashlee,

      Only staff / moderators can see email addresses - you are part of that group of less than 10 trusted people.

      I noticed the # of posts thing. I think the new software may only count topics created, and not all replies in every topic. I could be wrong, but I will look into it to ensure we are getting accurate counts.

      Hope this helps! Let me know any other questions or concerns.


    2. ashlee


      Jason - Tx - I forgot I was "one of those people" lol. Tx for the speedy reply. Have a super week. # of posts - it's not "life and death" lol - just happened to notice it.

  3. I have used Fitness Pal app and liked it.
  4. How do we change our stat's on this new website?

  5. It looked the same on my iphone. Should be fixed now, sort of. The cursive is the default fallback font for devices that don't support Comic Sans. I added some additional fallback fonts, and changed the cursive to regular serif font. Should show as Comic Sans MS, Chalkboard SE, Comic Neue, or Serif - whichever the viewing device supports.
  6. I am on my iPad and it looks like cursive.
  7. Hmm, that is weird! I will look into it. Comic Sans
  8. I have a question. We’ve been playing around with the different fonts in our posts. Some of the buddies have tried the comic sans font. It’s one I’ve used often on my iMac. The weird thing is, on my iPad and phone, which is android, the font appears to be cursive and is extremely hard to read. On the iMac, it’s comic sans like it’s supposed to be. I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Weird or what?
  9. Just did a patch to the typography errors introduced during the migration. The weird ’, “, and other characters should all be gone. If you see any others, I am not aware of them. Please let me know!
  10. Thanks for all of your work on our behalf, Jason. I love the changes.
  11. We needed it... lol Really glad most everyone is enjoying the new platform so far. We'll gain some stability as the days go on. It's never a smooth ride, I do appreciate everyone's patience and support. I have a fix coming for those sideways pictures too. There's a built in feature to handle them, but the server needs to be restarted - so we will wait a bit. EDIT: should be good now.
  12. All your hard work has paid off, Jason. Love everything so far. I’m sure there will be additional features that we will love. Thanks Again!!!!
  13. Thank you so much, Jason! We love it!
  14. Fantastic new forum! Thanks so much!
  15. @tinka I added the font, font size, and font color selectors to the editor on all devices. We had to give up some things and add another bar for room, but worth it, I think.
  16. Most everything is in it's default configuration at the moment. So there's only one way to go from here. Up, up, up! Glitches will be sorted this coming week. I haven't allowed new members signup yet because of.. well spam, and I don't know how that's going to handle on the new platform. But we'll see soon enough. There is a place to display members online... I just wasn't sure exactly where would be best. I will add that block in when I figure it out.
  17. It’s looking really good, Jason. A few little glitches, but I am guessing it will all get sorted out. People in our group are pretty happy with the changes and new features. Love that we can upload videos and photos right from our devices now. It’s super easy. I don’t see anywhere to see who is online? Is that something that will be lost?
  18. Let me check... Yep. Sure is. I will work on adding that feature soon. It looks like we can configure the tool bar for each type of device. Very nice. I saw some of the signature issues also, and I was working on an update to everyone now. Update on how things are going: I put the redirects in place, so visiting the old forum url's will bring you to the new forums, regardless. It was split decision because I wasn't sure if having both would be easier, or more confusing. I think it was both... The background processing has completed. So the things that look messed up, are officially messed up. I see a bunch of non-utf8 characters didn't make the conversion. Characters like ... ’ which should have been apostrophes and such. These I will clean up, but it will not be easy, and will not be today. Well, maybe it'll be today... It will be very soon either way. There are a lot of extra features here and it's all pretty new to me too, so if you find something interesting let us know!
  19. I am looking for different fonts, font sizes and colors also. Is that possible? Also I see some of our signatures did not transfer well. Thanks, Tinka
  20. I'm afraid that might not be an option any longer... I looked in the admin panel too, but only see sorting option for topic with the forum, and not posts within the topic. However, it should jump to the first unread post when you visit a topic.
  21. Good morning Jason, the new site is looking really nice. I do have a question regarding the sort and display of threads. When opening a new thread, I am used to seeing the most recent posts first, in this new forum the sort is reversed and I cannot find a way to change it. Am I missing something? I checked my profile to see if there was a default sort but could not find one. Thanks, Ann
  22. I tested 7 other platforms before making the choice, plus the 2 we were already running... Definitely one of the best, for us, out there. The old platform stopped adding new features many years ago. Now we are cool, and hip, and with the times. Anyways - If you see posts that look messed up. Don't panic until tomorrow, afternoon-ish. It is still going through and rebuilding the threads - which will take all night. I'm going to bed though, goodnight, enjoy, will check back in the am!
  23. I just tried it out, Jason! It’s awesome!! Thank you so much!
  24. And we're finally here! I recommend logging into the new forums with your current credentials, and start getting the hang of this wonderful new platform. The old forums are going be redirected shortly, and no longer accessible.
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