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  2. This might be good with two cups of oats and leave off the flour. Save the points. Has anyone tried that?
  3. I'mmmm baaaaack! I remembered that I used to love being on here when I was trying to eat healthier. So much support here! Looking forward to making some new friends and getting and giving some support!

  4. I came on BCB today for the recipe Sour Cream Salsa Chicken. Lol, it's still as good as I remember. Although I haven't been here for about 10+ years, I remember you Cybergranny!
  5. I have Delta Force bookmarked, so I rarely notice what pops up on the main board... so, here it is, June, nearly three years after you posted here. I feel like I remember you "cybergranny" name, but I haven't been here for 15 years, so maybe not. Anyway, I'm happy to hear reports of people who find their faith again and soldier on through difficult times. Like you, I've been able to keep most of the weight off over the years, for which I'm thankful, but it truly is a life-long fight. I post on Delta Force... we almost shut it down when there was a concern about security, but that was corrected and we all came back... just feels like we're close friends even though we've never met in person and we live thousands of miles apart. It's always encouraging to me to pop in and see how the others are doing. There's always room for one more if you want to join us.
  6. I just make mine in a regular blender. I use Kefir and add frozen fruit, you can add fresh, or protein powder, etc
  7. Hi, wanna make present to my wife. Looked for smoothie makers compare, but I'm noob at this. If it’s not difficult for you, tell me which one to choose https://www.bestadvisor.com/smoothie-maker. I would be very grateful
  8. Yes portobello mushroom tops and grilled on the bbq. Very juicy and delicious.
  9. Hi, I also remember you. You maintained the recipes I think. Im glad to see your post. We all hope you pop in regularly. Stay safe
  10. Good morning everyone.  Started week one on blue at home.  Happy to report I'm down six pounds!! Goals for the week journal everything.  If I want something account it in my points without guilt. I am doing 10% mini goals.  6 down 18 more pounds to go.

  11. Anabel


    any good chicken recipes
  12. I too remember you. Just not a whole lot about you. I am still on Bootcamp Buddies. I start, and have started the thread, for many years. Our numbers are down, but we are a good bunch. We are known as Delta Force. Nice to hear from you. Clara
  13. I remember you! Congrats on your continued success! You are doing amazingly well!!
  14. Hello everyone. My name is Barbara and on this board, I am known as cybergranny. It has probably been 15 years since I have been on this site. I have missed so many people but I became overwhelmed with some things that were going on and rather than to stick it out I just left and never came back. It didn't really have anything to do with the people here, but more, the people in my life and the problems they caused. Since I was involved here I found the faith I had lost and that helped me tremendously through some of the most tragic things a human being can go through. I found a way of letting other people know that I can do so much to help them through situations I have been through and that helped me as well. I have always carried Boot Camp Buddies and my experience here with me and it always makes me smile so I wanted you to know if any of you are still around that were here 'back in the day' that I have done well by taking my own advice. I had written an post about A word (or 500!) about frustration and was surprised to see that it was still here. I took my own advice and have maintained my weight within 10 pounds of my goal for over 13 years. I will gain a few pounds and kick myself and diligently lose them again. I used to wonder if I would ever in my life end this battle with gaining weight. The answer is no. However, the good news is you can become so aware that it does become easier to take those few pounds off before they become 20, 50, or 100 pounds as they have many times in my past. I was also known as a 'rambler' on this board so I will get to the point. I wanted to give those of you who are struggling a bit of hope. This is a lifelong journey but it does not have to be a struggle or a fight if you listen to your own body and learn to treat it well. I am 70 years old now and I do not take any pills of any kind. Not even vitamins because if I have deficiency, my doctor and I talk about what I need to add to my diet to fix it and I do. My next lab test is always back on track. So, hang in there buddies and know that the rewards are amazing. By the way, my current weight is 145.
  15. Hi Jason:

    Is there a way to set the font size of print so it's permanent? I'm on the 50's plus and we have to make the print bigger every time we post.


    Have a great day.


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