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Don't play Golf With your Wife

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A man staggers into an emergency room with a concussion, multiple bruises, two black eyes and a five iron wrapped around his neck.



Naturally, the doctor asks him what happened. "Well," the man says, "It's like this; I was playing a quiet round of golf with my wife, when at a difficult hole, we both sliced our balls into a pasture of cows.



We went to look for them, and while I was rooting around, I noticed one of the cows had something white on it's rear end. I walked over and lifted up the tail, and sure enough, there was a golf ball with my wife's monogram on it--stuck right in the middle of the cow's butt. That's when I made my big mistake."



"What did you do?" the doctor asks.



"Well," the man replies, "I lifted the cow's tail and yelled to my wife, Hey, this looks like yours!"



"I don't remember much after that!"

Zig..."Success is a journey, not a destination. Focus on the process."

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