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The Fishing Trip

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Four guys from Fargo went up to Northern Minnesota fishing. To

>>save a

>> > > little money, they rented a small cabin that had only two


>> > >

>> > > Well, Arve sleeps with Ole the first night and he come to

>>breakfast next

>> > > morning with his hair a mess, and his eyes all bloodshot. They

>>say, "Vat

>> > > happen to you?" Arve says, "That Ole, he snores so loud, I vas

>>kept avake

>> > > vatching him all night. I can't do that 'nother night so vun

>>of you's got

>> > > to do it" Since Ole snores so loudly, no one else wanted to

>>room with

>> > > him, but they finally agree to take turns.

>> > >

>> > > The next night is Oscar's turn. In the morning, same thing -

>>hair all

>> > > standing up, eyes all blood shot. Oscar declares, "Fer sure,

>>dat Ole

>> > > shakes the roof And he sleeps so hard, I couldn't vake him. I

>>vatched him

>> > > all

>> > > night."

>> > >

>> > > The third night was Sven's turn. Next morning Sven come to


>> > > bright eyed and bushy tailed. " They can't believe it! They

>>say, "Vat

>> > > happened?"

>> > >

>> > > Sven say, "Vell, ve get ready for bed. I go und tuck Ole into

>>bed and

>> > > kiss him good night. Den he vatches me all night long."



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I love it!


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"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Michael Pollan

"Well, it seems to be working for me." Dr Michael Culmer

"Nuts are in hard shells for reasons." Dr John McDougall

"The salad IS the main course." Dr Joel Fuhrman

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Guest jeremysmom

Too funny....I can't wait to show DB this one. Thanks for sharing.

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Another good one!!!!


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Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.


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