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Lately I've been having an 'itch'. Now, now... Not what you think... I've been feeling pretty blazé about working out and I started wondering if I weren't exercising for the wrong reasons. Yes I'd love to lose weight and exercising is definitely a part of that; but I've been looking for a bigger, better reason to get moving. What I'm trying to say here is, wouldn't it be awesome to have a goal, an objective in mind and obtain the weight loss and fitness aspect as a consequence of the training to achieve this goal, rather than having weight loss as a goal itself?

The only problem is that I don't know what sports, what events, what competitions are out there for ladies to embark on (and I'm not very 'competitive, so I'd train but not necessarely compete...). So how about a big brain storming session to try and come up with some cool ideas of sports and athletic events for women. Maybe other people will want to start new challenges with these in mind rather than trying to lose X number of pounds in a week... Just an alternative for motivation.

What do you think???



  1. Choose your objective
  2. Create a plan of attack
  3. Execute the plan


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MY gosh. What isn't there?


I compete in dressage. Riding horses in the English fashion. It's quite a workout and I also do Pilates and walk and strength training to help me with my riding.


You can also join a soccer or volleyball team. My DH is on both. Tennis is always fun. Many places give lessons and you can pick up a racket for about $50.


You can always compete in walking or running. I have many friends who have walked half marathons or run full marathons. I even have one friend who's a triathelete.


You can do biking races. Spinning classes are fun. You can even get into weight lifting. One of my at work trainers does competetive weight lifting. She can dead lift over 300 pounds. And she weighs about 140!

Basically anything you find interesting there will be a league or team or partner for you.


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Guest girlinmotion

A great place to start is often with your city's recreational department or community centers. In my town they even run a "sports sampler" for beginner, women athletes. Basically you and the other newbie athletes sign up to play a pickup game each week. And you try different sports: indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton etc. They teach some basic rules and skills and then you try it out.


Or take a class that involves a performance at the end, dance classes often have mini-recitals at the end of the session where you show off for friends and family.


Another good thing to look for is a "Sports and Social" Club/League. These are like gyms (with fees etc), but they are offer sports games instead of workout programs. They make their money by getting more people out to play, so they often provide clinics or beginner level games to attract new clients.


Running and walking events for charity (like the "Run for the Cure") are a great way to set goals for yourself too. They often have short run/walks (5km or 3 miles) all the way up to marathons. The Running Room website or http://www.coolrunning.com lists lots of these events.



I hope that helps!

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All good suggestions. I'd say to try to think of a sport you'd like to try, then do some web research on adult leagues. Some teams are formed just for fun, others are fiercely competitive - feel free to call the team captain or whatever contact and ask which type that team is. Some ideas I didn't see above:


Rowing (the greatest whole-body workout ever)

Master's Swimming (despite the title, you don't actually have to be a "master")

Rugby (yes, women play!)



I seem to also remember there being a website for finding a fitness buddy... someone who is basically at your same level with your same interest in competitiveness with whom you can plan to walk, run, play racquetball, tennis, hike, whatever. See what google has to say about it...


Good luck!


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Guest NYCSweetieNYC



What a great idea to have a goal besides weight loss after all that working out. I will look into NYC area events I could train for.


My first personal thing I want to do after working out and building up my stamina is to race a teenage girl that I work with on her high school track. When I was in High School I ran track and was a very fast sprinter. (Forget Cross Country I'd die trying) She has been boasting lately how fast she has become I told her that's great. Then I told her I used to run track she laughed. The kind of laugh like "You" ran track. So I said yes I ran track and I can train and beat you in a sprint anyday dear. Hence this is my challenge I have set up for myself. So as I embark back at the gym and on the treadmill I secretly smile to myself because I will win that race!! LOL (Oxygen Please)


:work_out: :work_out: :work_out: :work_out:

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