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Anyone walk a marathon or 1/2 marathon?

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Hi Buddies -


I received a flyer in the mail from the American Heart association about a marathon/1/2 marathon they are holding in San Diego. I am going to the informational meeting on 1/12 and I can't wait. My Dad lives in Chula Vista (a stones throw from San Diego) and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to 1) raise $ for a good cause 2) get into a regular exercise routine and 3) spend a weeks vacation in luxiourious San Diego w/my Dad.


Just wondering if anyone has ever participated in an event like this.


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Guest eyegirl



I've never done a 1/2 marathon, but I'm training for one too! Mine is in Indianapolis the first week of May. I've started running, but I haven't been so dedicated through the holiday!! If you like a long distance running partner, let me know!!!


-L :walking:


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I've walked 2 half marathons, one in Virgina Beach, VA and the other in Indianapolis, IN. I started to train to walk a full marathon in San Francisco, but I injured my knee so had to stop (I was really bummed!). I will start training for my thirs half marathon in a couple of weeks. THis one will be in Nashville, TN. I have done all these half marathons with Team In Training of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It's a great program!


Good luck on your training! Stick with it! It's a great achievement!

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Guest Lainie

I'm a distance walker as well & have done 10 mile walks & half marathons. My goal is to walk a full marathon, but so far I haven't found a walker-friendly one at a time & place that I can manage. (Actually, thanks for the lead ... I have a sister in Oceanside that I could visit so maybe this one would work out for me, too.)


There was a really good article about distance walking in one of the issues of Runner magazine last fall ... maybe October? You can probably track it down at your library or maybe online, I'm not sure. It was nice to see walkers getting some respect in a running magazine :)


I really encourage you to pursue this. You will feel wonderful on both counts ... the physical achievement and the contribution to a worthy cause.



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