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~Yeah! Made 10% goal Today!~

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:crazy: Yeah!!!!!!!! I made my 10% goal today and did it within one week of what I had planned on hitting! I have been working my butt off on the treadmill (literally....lol) staying on it for an hour a day (about 2.5 miles a day) for six days a week! I feel great!!!!! I only have 30 pounds till goal! YEAAAAAAAAH! I am down three pounds this week and cannot believe it!

I am so proud of myself and just wanted to post to show my achievment!

Talk to all of you soon, and thanks so much for all your support!

*Until We Meet Again.........................:strong:


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Wonderful news, congratulations! I'd like to give you a little Buddy tip: If working out an hour a day for six days a week is realistic for you to keep up, that's great. Keep it up just like that, but if at any time you find a need to modify your workout, that's okay.


This isn't to discourage you at all from doing just what you are doing, but just some simple encouragement to help with alternatives if things get monotonous or life gets in the way of how you do things now.



SW: 204.6 Highest ever :mad:

CW: 186.5 Thank Goodness:bcb_up

10%:183.6 Fantastic :bcb_happy

GW: 155 Excellent!


In regard to losing: Every ounce counts!

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