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Healthier Alternative to Creamy Condensed Soups

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Hi buddies!


I grew up eating a lot of casserole-style dished that utilize the Campbell's condensed soups. They are perfect for binding just about anything, right? However, they are not the healthiest thing on the planet with the modified starch and excess sodium, especially when about 3/4 my fave recipes call for them in one form or another.


Due to health issues, my mother has been changing the way she eats and she recently found that she can sub Imagine Natural Organic Soups in all of her recipes that call for Campbell's condensed soup. She reports that it's a little runnier than using a straight can but with a bit of flour or cornstarch to thicken up the gravy, they are a perfect sub.


They are low in points too! 2 cups of the creamy portabella mushroom soup is 3 points and only 620 mg sodium versus 5 points and 1150 mg for the condensed soup.


I've not tried it out myself as of yet, but tomorrow I making my creamy beef vegetable stew with the portabella mushroom soup and I have high hopes for it! :D


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Paris, this is a very good alternative. I usually use the Healthy Request or Healthy Choice soups as they have about half the sodium as well. They don't have a lot of variety though and this will add to the choices I can make.




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I too use the Healthy Request soups from Campbell's. They have less sodium then the 98% Fat Free versions and are the same point value. I've been subbing them in for every recipe calling for the FF kinds and can't tell any difference.

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