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Yummy Ww Ice Cream!

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My friends!

OMG, the WW English Toffee Ice Cream Bars are WONDERFUL. I just had one and it is so so so good. 2pts. I also bought the No Pudge Cookie Crunch thing, like the WW one. It is only 1 pt, where WW is 2 pts. However, I did not like it as much. It tasted diet-y.

Just wanted to share!:crazy:



Terry Lynn



FLEX all the way!


HW: 225

SW: 212

CW: 141.0

MADE GOAL: 12/1/05

LIFETIME: 1/12/06:goal:



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I've tried several No Pudge products myself, and like you, don't like the aftertaste. I am absolutely addicted to WW ice cream products! The fudge bars are 1 pt. each and taste rich and fudgy. The vanilla fudge cones are also another tasty treat. Woo hoo! :headover:



Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest. ~ unknown


RESTART 8/25/2012


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Oooh, I love the English Toffee ones! There's something about that chocolate coating that makes them worth every bit of the 2 points. And I do like the No Pudge products, but my favorite are the brownies! Mmm, so fudgy!

gc Jen ch

SW 342.4/CW 279.8


62.6 lbs gone forever!


02/17/05 - I made it to Twoterville!!

04/28/05 - 50 lbs gone!!


I'm not on a diet, I'm on a LIVE IT!!

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The WW Cookies & Cream bars are the best... Last box, my DH ate half (without telling me) and he never eats anything "DIET".

Have to agree about the No Pudge version... Saw some on Wednesday for the first time and since they were only 1 point instead of 2, though I'd try them.. They have that artificial imitation taste to them...:ugh: DH tried one, took a bite & threw it out.... told me not to bring those home again, said get more WW!!

Joanna :headover:


Ya-Ya Name ~Princess Sparrow Hawk ~


Recommitted 2-13-04 ~ Lifetime since 9-11-90

Heaviest weight ~ 135.6 ~ Recommit weight ~ 135.6 (2-13-04)

Current weight ~ 120.9 (8-27-04)


WW goal ~ 105, My goal ~ 99 :goal: (my weight when I made lifetime - I'm 4' 11" tall!!) :D




~~~ "Nothing's forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten." ~~~ Robin of Sherwood

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