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winning points vs flex?????

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Guest dixiechick382

could someone please explain to me the difference between these programs? i was 165 at my highest, and i worked my way down to 150. i then gained 5 lbs recently and then i started the ww plan (winning points). i was able to have 20-25 pts when i started, now i have the 5lbs off and my points range dropped. its now 18-23. i am fine with the amount of points and i understand the program well, i just seem to lose very slowly. i was just wondering if flex would be a better option for me, if it would help me to lose a little quicker. i'm not even losing the 1-2 lbs a week, its a bit slower than that for me.


has anyone here switched from winning points to flex, what are the major differences? (seems like you can have more points on flex) and has it help you any better than the other plan?


thanks so much,


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Hi Christina,

The biggest difference between Winning Points and Flex is that with Winning Points you get a range (18-23) and with Flex you get a daily target (20 points).. If you didn't eat all your allowed points with WP, you could "bank" the extra to use later in the week.... with Flex, you get 35 "flex" points to use any time during the week if you want.. You don't wait till you have enough "banked", you get them all up front...

You do get 2 points more per day with Flex than you did with WP (WW thought the bottom of the old range was too low)... The other big difference is that when you earn Activity Points, you have to use them on the day you earn them or you loose them (no banking AP's for later in the week)...

Otherwise, the plans are basically the same... Points are figured by the same formula (4 point fiber cap)...

Joanna :headover:


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