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Hi buddies

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I know that I have been pretty scarce in the Mess Hall lately, I have just had to spend so much time on my personal changes in my diet and then had a very bad week last week so I only went to my forum home to check in. I am better, the diet has been revised once AGAIN so I will be around, but not all day like I used to be. I will try to answer questions when I can, but everyone else seems to do a very good job of keeping up here when I am not available and for that, I thank all of you who contribute to this forum. It works very well and we all learn so much!




original starting weight 270

returned to WW Oct. 12, 2005


Celebrate what you've accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.

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I was wondering where you were. I hope you are feeling better. It was so unusual for you not to be around here last week. I hope this week is much less stressful for you. Your contributions to this forum are so valuable to all of us, but do take the breaks when you need them...even if we miss you terribly when you do.



Be your own best friend every day.

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Guest tickerchick

I'm with Icing.. We miss you and if there's anything we can do to help, we will.

You are such an inspiration!



I made my first batch of Cybergranny's Energy Bars this weekend.

Let's just say I made a double batch. DD had friends over on Saturday night and now I only have a few left for myself! At least she journalled them! All her friends are on WW too. It's really nice that she has a group that supports her. Or maybe they come around for the fun new recipes.... Hmmmm...


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