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corn chowder !

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Guest patrick40nyc

I actually won a recipe contest with this one a wile back



3 cans of cream corn I uselly look for the ones that are 60 cal a can


1 can chicken stock


2 cups of skim milk (optional)


2 whole onions


4 cloves of garlic


5 slices of ff cheder cheese


3 tps of emrild spice


2 tps of salt


2 tps of chili powder




Start by sautéing the onions till they caramelize , add garlic and wait till brown then add corn , stock , spices , and cheese , then add the milk let it come to a boil then simmer down for 20 mins taste it to see if it needs some more spices I usually don’t follow exact measurements I go by taste . after 20 mins get a hand mixer and puree it rite in the pot its in . If you want it a bit thicker add some flower by the table spoon till you get it to the thickness you want add some more cheddar cheese to the top of the bowl if you want when serving


i figure it to be 1 point a cup

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