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buddies, please read this

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Hi everyone. I am sure that a lot of you know that I had some real computer problems and am spending most of my time these days putting files and backups back into it. That is no excuse for the fact that I have been totally lax in the Mess Hall. I found a lot of threads posted asking for recipes to be pointed that had gone unanswered and I apologize for that. I will try to do better.


Now, about pointing recipe requests. Could you please remember to add INSTRUCTIONS in case someone else wants to make your recipe? Would you also remember to ALWAYS post the number of servings? This is forgotten quite frequently and I have to assume how many servings a recipe will make. That is not as accurate as knowing. And, one last thing, please try to check your spelling. It takes so much longer for me to go back into a recipe and correct a lot of typo's. Master Cook is very exact in it's ingredients and if for instance avocado is spelled avacado, or clove is spelled glove, it just doesn't recognize it. Then I have to fix it before I can point it. I know that sounds petty and I certainly don't mean it to but it just makes things take longer when you have to correct errors. Master Cook basically copies and pastes the recipes to my files with just a few clicks and usually I don't have to correct many errors. I certainly make a lot of typing mistakes myself so I understand how it happens. I am just asking that you reread your recipes before you submit the thread and I will be able to get to a lot more recipes a lot quicker.


Thanks to all of you for your patience and I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter tomorrow!




original starting weight 270

returned to WW Oct. 12, 2005


Celebrate what you've accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.

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Thanks for all you do for us!!! I have built quite a collection of awesome recipes because of your efforts. Hope the computer problems are behind you now.


start 208

current 193

goal ww 158

goal personal 148

highest 242

"Don't tell God how big the storm is, instead tell the storm how big your God is."

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