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Do You Have the Fire? - By Diamond

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Not sure why, but all last night and this morning this concept was running through my head.

I had to think it out a bit so it would make sense and be relevant.


So, here goes.~~~~~


Do you have fire when it comes to this journey?

If not, I think it's important that we all do.

Fire is an amazing thing.

Fire is a great cleanser and nature's way of returning things to the norm.

Take a forest fire for example.

Many of our forests up here are tangled with deadfall and overgrown. Animals find little of food in these kind of forests - and they find little safety in these tangled woods. Nature has a way to deal with that.


Forest fires start.

Many people think a forest fire is a devastating thing. And it is, to a degree.

But forest fires clear our forests of the debris and when the ashes are cold and Mother Nature begins her miraculous work, one can see new life springing up all over.


Shoots start poking their heads through the ashes, and as they grow into trees, shrub and fauna, then wildlife returns (maybe for the first time in decades) to graze upon the tender shoots and find safety and comfort.


Fire is also important in tempering steel.

Steel starts out as ore and is full of impurites, and so it is processed into steel.

That steel, however, isn't strong nor is it pure.

The strength comes when a blacksmith dashes that steel into the fire ridding it of its impurities.


The steel is almost taken to the molten stage.

But despite that molten stage, steel that has been fire tempered, once cooled becomes stronger than ever.


The same can be said about humans - until we are tested by fire we never know our own true strength.

Many of us, indeed it's likely all of us have been tempered by fire.

It's what we do after that test that really makes a difference.


Do we act as if that fire was the worst thing that happened?

Or do we allow that fire to temper us, to make us as strong as we can be?


All of us here at the board have had to face the fire.

In the end, let's take what we've learned and make it a good thing.

Fire is good.

Do you have the fire to continue on this journey to the best of your ability?

I'm willing to bet that if you dig deep enough you will discover that yes, you do.


Joined WW + BCB 07/09/11


SW 252

GW 166.4

Lifetime, 5/27/02


CW 213

It's not how much I have to lose, but how much I stand to gain


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