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Work problem, I'm hoping you all can help

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I don't know if anyone here will remember me, I first started out with WW almost 3 years ago, after my 3rd dd was born...I lost 60ish pounds, and stayed at goal until about the last 6 months, where I've been playing with 10-15 pounds...well, I decided it's time to get back to business, summer's coming, and I DON'T WANT NEW CLOTHES!!! I have all kinds of cute goal clothes from last summer, and I fully intend to wear them again this summer, lol. So, back to all the things I know work, but I've slacked off on--journaling, counting, and water, water, water. My problem is this (I think it's a lot of the reason for my re-gain also): about 6 months ago, the place where I work lost 2 employees (we only have a staff of 7-8, so 2 is a lot), so I've been working a LOT. During the day, when I'm working, we literally have zero time for breaks, including lunch. I know that's not right, I know they can't do that, etc, but it's how it is for now, until we have more staff. This, for me, means that during the day, I run into the kitchen & grab a bite of whatever that I can stuff in my mouth, chew and swallow in less than a minute, and keep running. While this meets (probably exceeds) my calorie needs, I'm left feeling like I didn't have time to eat all day, meaning as soon as I get off, the first thing I do is eat a real meal, and sometimes dinner after that (depending on how late I work). I try to eat a decent breakfast before I go in (usually special K or eggo FF waffles), and I think that now that I'm back to journaling, that's going to help some, but I'm wondering what I can keep on hand for those less-than-a-minute bite-breaks that will feel like I really ate something, so I'm not going overboard later? Any ideas? Sorry if this is long and rambling, I've been on high speed for so long, even my thoughts move too fast, lol.



Abbi<br />SW 179, CW 125, GW 125<br />At (or close to) goal since 5/03

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Maybe you could bring in cut up fruit or even a sandwich that is cut into bite sized pieces in a tupperware. You can plan the points out and then you can pick at them through out the day. I know how the stress is... school has been driving me mad lately, just hang in there... I'm sure these ladies will come up with lots of other ideas for you. You CAN do it. I want to lose about 15 also- We can all help each get through this. That's what everyone is here for:bcbsalute


a new mama, back and ready for bootcamp business!

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These things are quick and portable.




nutrition bars

fresh fruit - apple, orange, banana, grapes, peaches, plum, nectarines

pretzel rods

peanut butter crackers


lite popcorn

Nabisco 100 calorie snacks


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