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Pudding Cups For 1 Point

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I really like pudding & I have found 3 kinds that I often take with me on the go or to work for my break.

They are all just 1 point & help my sugar fix everytime!

Plus, it's already made.

This kind is new, so it may be hard to find in some areas.

Jell-o Sugar Free Chocolate Vanilla Swirls

The other 2 are made by Kozy Shack for just 1 point as well.

Kozy Shack By Request


& Chocolate

Both are no sugar added

This is part of my journey, glad to have you all with me, to keep me company along the ride...

For Christmas of 2004, my parents bought me pants that were a Size 18!

For this year they bought me Size 10!

Joined WW in Jan of 05 & made Lifetime in Aug of 05:strong: :) :D .

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Jello also makes a pudding called Sundae Toppers. They are only 2 points and are great. They have a vanilla base with chocolate on the top. The chocolate isn't really a pudding consistency but it tastes wonderful! :)

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