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Tried this out today in my bottle of Dasani! Yum!!! It's "pure crystallized lemon" that comes in a packet like Splenda. The boxes are found in my store near the regular lemons. They are great (0 cal and all natural)! I've really gotten into putting lemon wedges in my water. These provide the taste of 2 lemon slices without cutting up the lemon at work!



Total Loss to Date: 23


Goals (Total Loss):

25 pounds by 2/14/07 (Valentine's Day)

40 pounds by 4/8/07 (Easter)

50 pounds by 5/28/07 (Memorial Day)

65 pounds by 7/31/07 (My 30th Birthday!)

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Go to www.truelemon.com and get a free sample. This stuff is awesome and so much better than trying to carry around little packets of Real Lemon that doesn't taste all that real anyway.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

--Abraham Lincoln

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