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Flex points verses Winning points

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Can someone please explain to me the difference in the two weight loss options? I am a bit confused...

Erin Marie

DD Abbie 3.5

DS Evan 1


Starting Weight 3/24/08= 230.7

Current Weight= 230.7






TOTAL LOSS for April=

Goal weight= 165

GOTTA do it for the kids... and MYSELF!!! I think the husband would like it, too :)

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To get from Winning Points to Flex Points you:


Add 2 to your minimum daily Points. That's your Target. You need to eat your Target Points every day. You can miss "occasionally" but never go under 20.


Take the rest of your range and the banking rules and toss them. You now get 35 Flex Points at the start of the week to use (or not) any way you want. (Yes that works out to 14 pt. more per week than WP.)


Plan to use all of your Activity Points (or not) the day you earn them. You can't carry them over to later in the week any more.


On TurnAround, add: you need 2 tsp. of oil from the "healthy oil" list daily.


Hope this helps!



Original SW 175 (1996)

2008 stats: SW 153.6 12/31/07 ~ HW 156.0 09/15/08 ~ CW 153.2 09/22/08 ~ GW 137 ~ PGW 130

My pictures!

"Good food brings good health and longevity." - Chinese fortune cookie

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