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New Applebees Core Items????

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At my meeting on Monday, my leader mentioned that Applebees was adding 3(? I think) new Core items to their WW menu-

HAs anyone else heard of this ?? Any idea what the new foods might be??

Thanks Buddies

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I was there last night and noticed they had a new item on the menu, a steak teriyaki skewer. It was with veggies but I think it had rice pilaf with it. They also had steak and shrimp skewers too!


What a wonderful place it's become huh?

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When I heard that Applebees had added WW foods to there menues I was happy but not happy to find out that they don't cook them theirselfs. They are shipped to them and heated up in the micrv. which I can do @ home myself but it's up to you if you don't mind than go for it.




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