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Lean Cuisine Frozen Pizzas

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If you've only ever had the Lean Cuisine French Bread pizzas, then you're in for a treat. LC has a new line of mini frozen pizzas, and they are really good. They come in some good flavor combos, like spinach and mushroom (my fave), and they don't have the tough chewy bread crust that the French Bread pizzas had. The ones I have tried work out to 6 points each.


A word about Stouffer's products (the makers of Lean Cuisine): if you think you have to stick with the Lean Cuisine line and stay away from Stouffer's regular frozen entrees, you might want to rethink that. Be sure and read the labels and use your sliderule to figure points. I discovered that the Lean Cuisine cheese ravioli, which I don't think tastes very good, is 5 points. But in their regular line they have an herb-roasted chicken entree that has some linguine and zucchini in it that is very good for 5 points. I'd much rather spend my points on something I enjoy!





HW: 320.8

SW: 284.5

CW: 284.5

GW: 150

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I have tried the spinach and mushroom one too and it's very good.


Thanks for the heads up on the regular line of Stouffer's!!

HW 220

CW 134

GW 129

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These are a staple in my freezer. I love pizza, and whenver I get the craving, these fit the bill perfectly. I have tried all the flavors and enjoy them all.



HW167 / WW140 / CW125

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