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S.B. Cereal Bars

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OMG, if you haven't tried these run out and get them now! That is, if you could find them, they seem to be always out of stock, especially the peanut butter ones.


I'm not a South Beach dieter, and I actually feel a little guilty endorsing a S.B. product, but these South Beach Breakfast Bars are DEEELISH.


The flavors:

Maple Nut

Peanut Butter

Cinnamon Raisin

Cranberry Almond


The peanut butter is my absolute favorite and that seems to be the one that is frequently sold out. They kind of taste like peanut chews. They also have a very real peanut butter taste, if you get that craving, this will do it for you.


The stats:

Cals 140

Fat 5

Fiber 3

Protein 10

3 points per bar


The 10 g of protein will keep you satisfied.


Hope you can find 'em at your local grocery! I'm in PA and I've gotten them from Weis.



HW167 / WW140 / CW125

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Guest psst-itsme

I bought the chocolate ones just recently and yes, they are a good snack.

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