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5 Point Rueben!

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My girlfriend and I were devastated when Arby's removed their rueben sandwiches from the menu. (we used to split them) So I set out to find an alternative. It turned out great! Here's the recipe:

2 slices of lite rye : 1 pt.

Budding Corned beef pkg. : 2 pts.

Fat free 1,000 island dressing : 1 pt.

sauerkraut : 0 points

1 slice of 2% swiss cheese : 1 pt.

I spray the bread with olivio, it's zero points, then I grill the sauerkraut and corned beef in a non stick skillet. next grill the sandwich! yum, yum!!!!


It really tastes great!!!

If you miss ruebens, try it!



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Okay, that sounds GOOD!!!! We'll be trying it this weekend for sure.

Thanks for sharing (and Groovy Loser - thanks for bumping it!)

Melissa :wave:


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SW: 197.4

CW: 190.8

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I am a rueben fan beyond fan, I am going to get the stuff and make this soon! thanks.



I make a choice to choose the JOY of the LORD today...and tomorrow...and to make each day count for HIM.


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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Ya'll have such great ideas...


I did the following:

2 oz. Pastrami (1 point) to me it was a ton of meat

1 tablespoon fatfree mayo & 1 tspoon ketchup, pickle, onion, garlic powder and other spices (I was out of ff thousand island) (1 point)???? maybe 0??

1 triangle laughing cow lite swiss (1 point)

sauerkraut (0 point)

1 large slice pumpernickel bread (2 points)


Grilled it and yummy....if anyone can figure out a replacement for the bread...this delicious thing would only be 2-3 points. Thanks...;)

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Guest Editht

How about putting the "innards" on top of a pumpernickle rye krisp cracker and broiling it??? That would cut the points back! Hmmmmmmm.....love reubens!

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