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Guest murrikat

Don't Drink The Clorox

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Guest murrikat

Hi everyBUDDY,

Did you ever read the side of the "liquid" bleach bottle, it says, "DO NOT DRINK." My "sun-burn" lotion also advises, "FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY"

I personally, am never tempted to drink liquid bleach, and if I were, I'd like to believe that I would think TWICE,THREE TIMES,

TEN TIMES about it! I would choose against it, for several reasons. It would HURT me, I would feel HORRIBLE after drinking it, and I certainly would REGRET having done it! The thing that I"M ABSOLUTELY SURE OF is I WOULD NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!

Just recently, I used the example of "sticking my hand over an OPEN FLAME" I'd like to think I'd only need to do that ONE time to know, I WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN!

I worked REALLY hard to lose 150 pounds, I made a difficult decision (which caused me to face a lot of my demons) I made a committment, I resisted temptation to over- indulge,to get lazy, feel sorry for myself, over indulge, get apathetic, be resentful, jealous, angry, over induge, join in the party, start again tomorrow, over indulge...


Now don't get me wrong,there was a lot of advantages to staying fat, yes, I could eat anything, AND everything I wanted, Anytime regardless whether I was hungry or not. I could go to a party and keep up with the rest of them, eating, drinking all night long without giving it a second thought.

indulge, AND THAT WAS FUN!!!

But it was the other stuff, the tight cloths, the feeling embarrassed, the fear of physical repercussions... the sneaking, the feeling "out of control" and here's a few seconds to remember all of the things that are coming into your mind right now!........

It wasn't FUN for ANY of US!

THAT'S WHY I DECIDED TO LOSE WEIGHT!, I suspect that is why MANY of US chose to lose weight.

Okay, I do get side tracked, and I don't want to go to far from the point here... which is, If it was so AWFUL and it was AWFUL enuf for me to go on program, WHY, WHY would I OR anyBUDDY want to have to

RE-do IT!

The reason I CAN and DO stay OP 24/7 is because I DO NOT WANT TO RE-DO IT, I do not want to lose 5 pounds only to put back 3 and then have to lose those 3 all over AGAIN. WHY WOULD I? Yes, it might feel GOOD at the moment to go off program because, (take any reason from the list above) But I have to ask myself, DO I WANT TO EAT IT MORE THAN I WANT TO RE-LOSE THE POUNDS IT MIGHT CAUSE. I know someBUDDY right now is thinking, "oh, ONE little thing won't hurt!" WELL GOOD FOR YOU! I'm NOT willing to take that CHANCE. For me, ONE LITTLE BIT(E) EXTRA might be ALL it takes to keep having more. It's not worth the risk to me. I DON'T WANT TO RE-LOSE THE POUNDS I HAVE ALREADY LOST! (I'm putting that in BOLD face in case anyBUDDY wants to take note of those words and commit them to memory!)

So, now back to the "clorox". I don't need to be told drinking bleach will HURT me, I don't need to be told that eating a

bag of chocolate chip cookies will HURT (my resolve, my discipline, my committment)me. And just like I CAN drink the bleach, I CAN eat the cookies! It's really A MATTER OF CHOICE!

Some times,IT ISN'T EASY to NOT eat the cookies or the bit of your kids leftovers or, or ,or..., but IT's ALWAYS WORTH IT and it is UP TO YOU HOW COMMITTED[/b] you want to be. If you want to do it, and do it in a way that it becomes "YOUR WAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, then get on with it, and NO "maybe's" or "sometimes".


If on the other hand, you are willing to take longer than need be, by being on program SOMEtimes, at SOME meals, SOME days, then that's fine too, but remember IF you do it that way, be prepared to RE-LOSE some of the weight you've already lost. IT'S YOUR CHOICE!





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