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:salut Newbie Handbook :salut


Welcome New Recruit!

We look forward to you being a part of Boot Camp Buddies.

Before you post, please read over these simple guidelines that will help you adjust to the online BCB community.


The Bootcamp Buddies Forum has been constantly evolving along with changes to the internet since it was first established more than 10 years ago. We like to promote freedom of speech and expression here, along with protecting the rights and privacy of our other members. We've enacted certain rules on the forums to obtain these goals, and mold BCB into the type of environment that we deem fitting and friendly to our members.


These days, there are lots of "bots" that scourge the web, collecting data, and posting rubbish. Many of our rules here are in place as a direct result of these "attacks" on the forum. Way to go guys, ruin it for everyone!


New users have various forum restrictions that will go away once you have made a few valid posts.


Rules For New Recruits

You must create a least one valid post within 30 days of registration.

No posting of off-site links (when you are an established member who contributes to the forum community, we don't mind if you advertise your site or blog)

No posting questionable or objectionable material

No vulgarities or insults


Failure to follow these rules may get you banned without question.


These rules may seem harsh for new users - However, we have found that they offer the greatest protection of our current and future members, and the security of our web server.



[Getting Useful Informative Departmental Education)


As a new recruit, you will only have access to basic training. You will have limited posting functions, and must verify your first couple of posts by answering a security question. You must continue to actively post on the forums and 'rank up' to relieve your posting restrictions and access the additional members areas. Use your time in basic training to start making new friends. Let others get to know the basics about you, and what you hope to achieve. Before you know it, you you'll be through with basic training, and will be able to join all the other areas of the forum.

See your current rank, which clearances you have, and how you can get promoted.



Welcome to BCB

Keep up the good work!

" Fat your out of here"

Have a great day!!!




SW: 204--Sep 1, 2004

CW: 175.5

GW: 150


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