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How many times have you restarted WW?


I used to see myself as an all or nothing kind of person. In fact, I used to act like an all or nothing kind of person, so I guess that I was. I used to start a new project, exercise routine or food plan geared up to the max. The intensity of my desire to reach that goal burning in my eyes, cheeks rosy and glossy. I would work myself into a frenzy cleaning in my attempts to have the perfect home, to be the perfect wife, engineer, you name it! And my goals would be wonderful, glorious. After I had reached my goals, I would be OK. I would start living. I would be worthy.


And then I would fail. I would get tired, some machine at work would break, I would be attacked by cake-pushing relatives, and I would give up. All or nothing kind of people do that.


Since my goals and ambitions were so high, I needed to be perfect, I would always fail. Because honestly, is there such a thing as perfect? Is there an objective truth about perfection? If not, who gets to decide? All I knew was that it wasn't me. And I would be a failure.


I restarted most of my projects, including WW at least a thousand times. Somewhere in all that perfection, and failure, my years of therapy started working... I started to reasses my goals. I reassessed what success was.

I decided that I wasn't an all or nothing person. I was a person who used all or nothing thinking. Does the difference make any sense? I was a persom using all or nothing thinking, and I could decide whether I wanted to use it! (*Insert HUGE click, followed by a ton of bricks falling onto my head*) Because if I was engaging in a behaviour that wasn't working for me, I was allowed to change it. So I did. Sound simple, huh? Identify the behaviour, describe it, decide wheter it's working, if it works, keep it, if it doesn't change it!


The change took a long time, and it it still in progress. In a way it is nothing but a long row of decisions. I decided that perfect is impossible, and I would therefor stop to try to attempt it. I decided to keep my house as clean as I possibly could without killing myself (I highly recommend Flylady). I decided to stop using the word failure about myself. And I decided to reevaluate what success on WW meant for me.


You see, my weight has come off slowly. Very slowly. And as long as my goal was that golden goal weight, I would be a failure. If I decided on a number of pounds lost at a certain date, and I didn't reach that, I was a failure. Every day I didn't reach goal, I wasn't living. Then I think I read an article on production of japanese cars, and the concept of doing every small step right. When making a car, thousands of different parts are manufactured and assembled, with millions of possibilities for error. These errors will add up, and even if they are minor in each small part, the error in the finished car can be huge. So the point is to focus on the process. To focus on doing every step right.

So how can we focus on the process in our WW journey? For me, it comes down to making even more decisions. I restated my goals. My goal was, and continues to be, to be OP every day. Every morning, I restart my journey. Every day I am OP I am a success. Some days, it is a struggle. The cake-pushing relatives are there... But since the process is my goal, I am a success every time I don't eat that cake. Or eat it and plan around it. I am a success, not a failure. I am not perfect, but I am reaching my goals. Some days, every choice I make is a restart. Every sip of water I take from my bottle, means that I am taking care of my body, and that I am a success! I am reaching my goal! And that means I am living, and worthy right here and now.


Restarting every day, reassessing my behaviours, reevaluating my actions and restating my goal. It makes me successful, it got me to goal, some days it even makes me feel harmony. Some of us need to restart many times on WW to get to goal. But by ditching the all or nothing thinking, and restarting the journey in every decision, we never have to fall off plan. The minor mishaps during the day aren't adding up, becuse by replanning, we can compensate for them. The program is amazing that way!


So how many times have I restarted? At least 25 this morning. And I will do it again. Do you want to join me?




Disclaimer: I realize that I do repeat myself with certain periodicity, and that I have been saying this for several years in different shapes and forms and words. However, I needed to retell myself this this morning, and I love harrassing my buddies, so please feel free to ignore me!


HW/Restart 2017-09-18/CW/GW


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