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I need some easy lunch ideas for the days I am at work, I usually get subway or there is a little restaurant called Healthy choices that serves GREAT salads and low fat wraps, but now Healthy Choices is closing. I dont think I can handle Subway everyday so if anyone has any lunch ideas (low points if possible) I would appreciate them.


Thanks Buddies




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I usually try to bring a Smart Ones frozen meal for lunch. THe Agel Hair Marinara is delicious and only 3 points. Sometimes we also go to a nearby grocery store and make a salad from their salad bar. If you are looking for fast food options McDonalds salads aren't too bad. THe Bacon Ranch salad w/o chicken or dressing is 3 pts and the Fat Free Herb Vinagrette dressing is 1 point. Hope this helps.

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Lunches need to be appealing and not the same thing every day. For a lunch at work, it is a good idea to bring several items. Small lite fruit cups, yogurt, ff puddings, 100 calorie packs, and celery-carrot sticks with dressing are good for snack times. For the lunch itself, you could make zero point veggie soup (all the veggies you want in a ff-reduced sodium chicken or beef broth, simmer til done and package in single serving throw away bowls [i don't throw them away, I just keep using them]and freeze them to throw in your lunch bag each morning.)


You can make your own wraps too with any of the varieties of low fat or fat free breads on the market or just use fat free tortillas. You could even make two or three and refrigerate the extras so you don't have to make them every day.


If you have leftovers from dinner, you could use containers and nuke them at the office for a good hot lunch too.


For a change, tuna salad in a bowl and take along your favorite crackers.


Or, make a big salad with leftover chicken added.


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