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Is it true that if you grind oats or other core grains into a flour it is no longer core? if this is true someone explain. Where is the line in how much you can grind a gain down? whole oats, coarse grind, med grind, fine grind?

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Yes it's true. Flour isn't Core.


"Where is the line" is an open question. WW hasn't given us any good rules for it. Is it OK to break up the grains a bit but not make flour? I don't know. Cornmeal is Core, and bulgur (cracked wheat) is Core, but that doesn't give us a good rule for other grains.


Certainly you can grind oats to the consistency of quick oats, since quick oats are Core (and that's the difference -- how finely they're cut up).


I think on this board you are somewhat left to use your own judgement.


I hope you haven't re-opened a can of worms with this one!



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