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How do you enjoy your favourite foods? No FF, NF or SF substitutions.

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What I mean by this is how you enjoy regular foods, without turning to fat free, non-fat, aspertame sweetened junk. There are so many different full fat foods that are out there that very satisfying if you watch the overall points value. How you make yummy satisfying meals & snacks without turning to diet (FF, NF & SF) products


My examples include:


Instead of using blue cheese dressing, I sprinkle 1/8 of a cup of blue cheese on my salad (1.5 pts) and a tbsp of Kraft raspberry vinigarette (1 pt) for a totally dynamic salad that is only 2.5 pts.


Another excellent salad topping is my teryaki chicken. For this you take 2 boneless skinless chicken thighs, chopped (6), add 1tbsp of ginger, 2 cloves of garlic & 1/4 c soya sauce (0.5) marinate for 24 hours (or make several packs and throw them in the freezer) Fry in a non stick frying pan and toss them on your favorite salad for an additional 6.5 pts. ***this does not work the same with chicken breast, it turns out very dry***


1 c of 1% cottage cheese, stir in a sprinkle of Cavender's greek seasoning, add one chopped tomato for a snack of only 3 pts.


Caesar Salad: 1/2 oz of shredded fresh parmesan cheeze, 3 c. Romaine lettuce, 1 tbsp Hormel Bacon Bits, 1tbsp Litehouse caesar salad dressing, a dash of lemon juice, fresh ground pepper and a clove of minced garlic makes an amazing 4.5 pt caesar salad. (top with my teryaki chicken recipe above for an even tastier salad)


All my pt values have been calculated using the WW online points tracker.



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I do WW largely without using "diet industry" foods. For me it's a matter of quality over quantity.


Probably the biggest change we made was simply to make less food. For example, we make 1 pork chop per person instead ot two.


I have been known to shred cheese (regular cheddar) to increase the volume. Excellent sprinkled on salads or melted on hot dishes.


I make a good tomato sauce using all vegetables and herbs. This way we don't have to skimp on sauce for pasta.


I make a lowfat fruit crunch instead of cobbler or pie, using a recipe from my grandmother (real ingredients).


For the most part I have switched to whole grains because they are more filling.


I make some things using real butter, but less than I did pre-WW. For example, I make a grilled cheese sandwich by melting 1/2 tsp. of butter per side directly in the pan and adding the bread. This way I can make a grilled cheese sandwich for 1 pt. of real butter. And I use real cheddar cheese, and 100% whole wheat bread -- much more satisfying. The total is 6 points (3 for bread, 2 for cheese, 1 for butter). This goes well with my tomato-vegetable soup (0 pt.).


I make some good stuff from these boards, sometimes modified to sub regular ingredients (and the points adjusted). But for the most part, if a recipe calls for artificial ingredients I won't use it. Cybergranny's energy bars are good without the Splenda. Lately I leave out the chips too and sub in nuts.


I like some of the baked chips (but some trade fat for sodium so I have to be careful).


I will use some "fat free" ingredients, but it depends on what it's made from. For example, fat free yogurt is OK if it's made from just skim milk and yogurt cultures.


Some things I don't like anyway so I don't miss them -- such as mayo and sour cream.


I made Lifetime before the diet industry foods were invented, so I know it can be done. A lot of the way I follow WW is still influenced by that old program. (I do use Points though .. and I wouldn't want to go back!) I also won't let my dd eat those foods, and I figure if I don't want her eating them, then why should I be eating them?



Original SW 175 (1996)

2008 stats: SW 153.6 12/31/07 ~ HW 156.0 09/15/08 ~ CW 153.2 09/22/08 ~ GW 137 ~ PGW 130

My pictures!

"Good food brings good health and longevity." - Chinese fortune cookie

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