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WATP One Mile Walk

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I just started to incorporate exercise into my WW program, I am doing WATP 1 mile walk in the AM and PM. Does anyone know what the intensity of that walk would be considered? I would like to count my ap's for the work I am doing!


Thanks for your help.:exercise2




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It's diffrent for diffrent people. How is your breathing? If you can sing and talk while doing it, then it's light, if you can only talk, but not sing, moderate, and if you can only get in a few words at a time, then it's high. Hope this helps.




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I count all my WATP workouts at moderate, with the exception of walk and jog. That one I count in the middle of High and moderate.


I'll second what Renee said. I would have to doubt it would be a light intesity though. I'm sure you are going at a fast enough pace to be at moderate.


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According to Leslie Sansones office. You burn 100 calories for every mile you do. if using the weights add 25 calories for each mile. Alot of people say that this is a low impact to moderate workout. But the truth is, (to me) you are working your body aerobiclly. If you maintain a target heart rate of 65% -80%. your gonna get the same benefits as if you where jogging on a treadmill with the same target rate. I believe its all in the duration of the activity rather then the level of intensity. I can do WATPs 4 mile and get my heart rate up to max. Thats 150 for my age. And i can keep it there till the cool down. Now If I work the treadmill, And go over 150, I'm not getting the benefits of an aerobic workout. If you work your body to hard and go over 80%, your body does not benefit from your workout. Aerobics means Oxygen. and how much you process.


Strength training is different I'm sure. Your building muscle mass. I don't do strength training. The weight that i use with WATPs gives me the toning i need but i use three pound weights and not two pound weights.

This is all just my own opinion. But to me it makes sense. I just don't think you need to workout at a level of almost pain and exhaustion to get the benefits your body needs.

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