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I have a question for the runners out there

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Hi everybody,

Can you give some advice on how I can improve my running time?

I currently run on the trademill at least 4 times a week 2 miles in 22.10 but I need to get to 2 miles in 20.30.

How can I do it?

I am open for suggestions.




sw kg 94.80 (208.8 lb) cw Kg 66.8 (147 lb)

1st gw: kg 83.00 (183 lb) 22 DEC 04:goal:

2nd gw:kg 75.00 (165.2) 30 MAY 05 :goal:

3rd gw: kg 70.30 (155 lbs) nov 06:goal:

4th gw: kg 67.50 (148.5 lbs) dec 06:goal:

last gw: kg 60.00 (132 lb)


" Non mollare l'osso"

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Guest 1texasmom

Start with fartleks, do some intervals, track work, hill repeats and stength train. Read up on the details on coolrunning.com or runnerworld.com. Both sites have some pretty awesome training tips and speedwork training plans.

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Guest CarefreeCas

Texas is right. Intervals have greatly improved my speed. Everything else is easy after getting used to running some monster hills as well. Speed work, however, should only be about 20% of your weekly mileage. I do speed work once a week. I recently started throwing in tempo runs as sometimes the interval training can be intimidating (some days, I just don't feel like being so strict).


Distance runs help as well. For example, I run 6 mi for distance at a fairly slow pace. So when I'm running 3 mi, I'm thinking "I can push it because I ran twice as far the other day!"



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