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Have a question about the Gazelle workout...Help me figure this out..

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Excerpted from this link:

Low, moderate and high levels of exercise intensity, as measured by heart rate, are defined as follows:

  • Low (or Light) is about 40-54% MHR.
  • Moderate is 55-69% MHR.
  • High (or Vigorous) is equal to or greater than 70% MHR.

An individual's maximum heart rate can be estimated by using the formula: 220 – age in years = MHR. Pulse rate can then be monitored while an exercise is being done and the % MHR calculated to assess intensity.


So, for example, the estimated MHR for a 50-year-old individual would be 220 - 50, or 170. Let's say that an individual's heart rate measured 100 beats per minute performing a certain activity. Since 100 is approximately 59% of the MHR (170), that would be considered a moderate level of exercise. The overall levels of intensity for a 50-year-old would be as follows:

  • Low Intensity: heart rate is 68-to-92 beats per minute.
  • Moderate Intensity: heart rate is 93-to-118 beats per minute.
  • High Intensity: heart rate is more than 119 beats per minute.

Rating of Perceived Exertion

A simpler method than monitoring heart rate, which also corresponds with measured MHR, is the Rating of Perceived Exertion (or RPE).2 RPE is measured by having a person rate how they feel (psychological perception) when performing an activity. This kind of a survey, in which a person rates their perceptions, attitudes or feelings on a scale, is known as a Likert scale.


The ratings of physical effort and feelings correspond with heart rate, and people can learn to exercise at a desired level of intensity based on their subjective feelings of exertion. It should be noted, however, that people who have been previously inactive tend to overestimate their intensity level, especially for moderate activity.3


Level of Intensity - RPE - Physical Cues

Light - Easy - Does not induce sweating unless it's a hot, humid day. There is no noticeable change in breathing patterns.


Moderate - Somewhat hard - Will break a sweat after performing the activity for about 10 minutes. Breathing becomes deeper and more frequent. You can carry on a conversation but not sing.


High - Hard - Will break a sweat after 3-5 minutes. Breathing is deep and rapid. You can only talk in short phrases.



Those being said .. i normally call mine light. I normally walk on it, tho i'm starting to walk more quickly and adding arm movements to it. But i'm not sweating after 10 minutes ... i am breathing a little heavier, especially when i feel the burn from the arm movements and i pseudo-run for a couple minutes .. lol .. i'll have to try singing on the gazelle tonight. My family will think i've gone off the deep end!! ;)

quotation-open.png Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. quotation-close.png


Barb A

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I have a Gazelle, and I consider it to be a moderate workout if I keep it at a 4-4.5 mph clip. I figure it's a bit like the treadmill in that regard.



SW: 244.8

CW: 239.4

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