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Who's Who on CORE?

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Let's see who's here...it's nice to meet everyone in one place!

I'll start.

Name ?: Laurie

Where ?: Western NY

Married ?: yes, for 32 years to my "highschool sweetheart"

Kids ?: yes, 2 grown daughters, ages 30 & 27, and 2 amazing granddaughters, ages 4 & 9

Occupation ?: phone operator for a large cardiologist office

Sports ?: love bike riding, and my new favorite, GOLF

Hobbies ?: just TV watching, reading, GOLF, sitting in the sun with a good book.

WW history ?: became lifetime member about 17 years ago, got REAL thin, gained it all plus, lost, gained, lost gained...and am doing my best, once again!



Be careful of your thoughts, for your thought become your words.

Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions.

Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits.

Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character.

Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.

Author unknown




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Great idea, Laurie!


Name: Christine

Where: Albany, New York area

Married: Yes, for 5 years.

Kids: Yes, a one-year-old boy, and a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

Occupation: Sat-at-home-mother, and part-time realtor.

Sports: Tennis, running, walking, and watching Penn State football. Go Lions!

Hobbies: Reading, watching Reality TV, cooking, spending time with family and friends.

WW history: Have joined several times, but with pregnancies, never got to goal. This is the LAST time! :)



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Name ?: Derenda

Where?: Northwestern corner of South Carolina

Married ?: Yes for 8.5 years

Kids ?: Yes a darling 4 yr old daughter Felicity and hilarious 2 yr old Ethan

Occupation ?: Stay at home mom, Creative Memories consultant, Semi-secretary for my husband's business. 1st grade teacher in my pre-baby life.

Sports ?: I'm not very coordinated, but I like snow skiing and hiking.

Hobbies ?: Reading, scrapping, cooking, reading blogs, sewing

WW history ?: Got fat when I was in 3rd grade - have struggled with weight all my life. Been a WW member at least 4 times, but never lost more than 20 pounds. It seems like after that I have always lost motivation. Determined this time around.

Starting weight235:strong: November 1, 2005

Made it to: 209 June 2006

Two more babies, and 4 years later....

Starting over::bcb_march

March 5, 2010 240

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Name: Maureen

Where: Denton, Texas

Married: Yes, for 16 years.

Kids: Yes, a 15 year old son, a 14 year old son, and a 7 year old daughter

Occupation: SAHM, but also substitute at my kids school in the office or classrooms

Sports: Running, walking

Hobbies: Reading, surfing the net, spending time with family and friends

WW history: Started WW the end of 2001 and lost quite a bit, but plateaued and got frustrated; finally made goal and lifetime with the help of CORE!!!!



Made Goal 1/26/05:crazy:

Made Lifetime 3/9/05:headover:


Getting healthy is hard but NOT impossible!!!:)

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Guest Cindy Margaret

Name ?: Cindy (38 yrs old)


Where ?: "middle" Tn


Married ?: 4 years to a preacher (second time around)


Kids ?: yes, Daniel will be 3 next week, Sophie is 13 months


Occupation ?: SAHM, former life Pediatric RN


Sports ?: Used to be active. Small town no adult sports. LOVE hockey (I am Canadian)


Hobbies ?: Cross stitching, reading, TV in evenings while stitching


WW history ?: This is my first go around, Well I did waste my money in 2001 as I registered then found out I was pg two weeks later. Then it was a pg, trying to get pg, pg and miscarried, trying to get pg and then Pg again. I decided to rejoin when 1 year after Sophie was born I found myself higher then my prepregnancy weight and the scales hit 201. 200 was an eye opener for me and removed the denial. Been doing it 14 weeks.

What can I add? I am a an immigrant to the US. Been here 4 1/2 years now (give or take). While I am a SAHM I pretty much play 'Church Secretary" as the office is here in the house.

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Hi, here's me!

Name ?: Joy

Where ?: New England

Married ?: Widowed

Kids ?: Yes! Three grown kids, two married, one new grandson 5 months old....my smoochy face boy!!

Occupation ?: Adult foster care provider for victims of brain injury

Sports ?: I love watching baseball, and I enjoy walking and snowshoeing in the winter!

Hobbies ?: My dogs, and anything dog related. Planning my vacations twice yearly. Reading, enjoying friends.

WW history ?: Became Lifetime in my twenties (20 or so years ago), and gained and lost at least three to four times since then. Never able to keep it off w/o WW. Now, I am loving Core!


Thanks Laurie, what a nice way to start the day!!


Reduced my cholesterol by 55 points in four weeks!


Don't quit because something is going to 'take time', the time is going to pass regardless, use it wisely!!

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Guest KrisD

Name ?: Kris


Where ?: North shore MA


Married ?: Not anymore


Kids ?: Nope. 2 kitties, though....Scully and Daisy


Occupation ?: Research scientist


Sports ?: Not really. Work with a trainer, and we box. Oh, yeah, and I snowboard and kayak


Hobbies ?: Reading, watching too much CSI, cooking


WW history ?: off and on member for many years. Started w/exchanges way back when, and it worked well. Really struggled with points. LOVE the core, and am back at BCB and WW after several months of bedrest.

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My Turn ;)


Name ?: Allison

Where ?: Lynchburg, VA

Married ?: In January it will be 27 years

Kids ?: DD 24, DD 21, DS19, DS12 and one VERY special DGS almost 2

Occupation ?: After working for over 10 years for Macaroni Grill as a corporate trainer (traveling to train new employees in new locations) we moved here last January and I am now a Secretary for a 2 man Law firm.

Sports ?: Biking and Swimming

Hobbies ?: TV, reading, cooking, computer

WW history ?: The page isn't long enough :kiss: . Been overweight ALL my life, joined WW probably 20-25 times, this is the LAST time for me, and I WILL be a success!!


SW: 295 (10/14/12)


GW: 150

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Name ?:Mavis (48)

Where ?: Mid-Missouri

Married ?: Was, now divorced. Been with my boyfriend for 1.5 years

Kids ?: One son age 21 and a United States Marine

Occupation ?: Currently a student in Pre-nursing. Pre student life, I worked in Calif and Boston areas in electronics industry as a Marketing Manager

Hobbies ?: Reading, Working out at the gym, painting

WW history ?: Yo-yo dieter all my adult life. Been real skinny, mid and now fat. I have been on WW off and on for 25 years. First time on CORE though and I feel I can stick with this eating plan for LIFE.

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Here's my info.




Name ?: Tracy (37 yrs old)


Where ?: Buford, GA


Married ?: Yes


Kids ?: Yes DD 15


Occupation ?: Middle School Technology Coordinator


Sports ?: I love the NBA, NFL, and "The Rock" :kiss:


Hobbies ?: Surfing the internet, traveling, and reading Magazines.


WW history ?: I can't count the times I've joined WW. I plan to be successful this time and this has been the longest time that I've stayed on the plan. I'm currently only 13lbs away from my goal of 150. Oh, I'm also doing the CORE plan which I am absolutely in love with.

What you eat in private shows up in public :salut WW leader...


CW 168

13 lbs away from goal!

WW Goal 155

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Guest colleen7

OK, I'll play too!


Name ?: Colleen (age 39)

Where ?: Far northern suburbs of Chicago

Married ?: yes, for 4 years (second marriage for us both)

Kids ?: yes, 1 amazing 17 year old DD

Occupation ?: Sales Training Mgr. & Retail Market Analyst for a company that manufactures adhesives for the scrapbooking industry

Sports ?: bike riding, love to watch College Bball & NFL and College Football

Hobbies ?: scrapbooking, gourmet cooking, traveling, reading

WW history ?: Joined WW back in '95 after gaining a ton of weight after divorce. Lost 90 lbs. in 14 months and became a lifetime member in May of '96. Kept the weight off for almost 7 years, then for some strange reason, decided that I didn't have to worry about watching my weight anymore (I mean, I was married now, right? WRONG!). In early September I stepped on the scale and realized I needed to re-lose 52 of the 90 lbs. I lost. After half-heartedly working the Flex plan for a few weeks I decided to try CORE about a week and a half ago. I felt it would be easier for my DH to follow too (he's gained about 60 lbs. since we met). This is a plan that can work for my LIFE - I'm sure of it!!!!

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Name ?: Paullet (ggbeans)

Where ?: Spanaway, WA

Married ?: yes, for 37 years

Kids ?: yes, 3-1 grown daughter-36, 2 sons 34 & 18, 2 amazing grandsons 13, 7, and 1 incredible granddaughter 10

Occupation ?: former elementary teacher, presently working in family sign company as girl Friday!

Sports ?: love to watch football (GO SEAHAWKS!!), baseball

Hobbies ?: just TV watching, reading, being on the computer

WW history ?: joined on-line in January--about 8 lbs from goal Started on Flex became a Corie about 4 weeks ago.

SW: 157.4

CW: 154.5

2.9 down, 19.5 to go

GW: 135



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Guest kelleyp

Name: Kelley, age 38


Where: So. California (The "OC"!)


Married: For six years, together twelve


Kids: Twin boys, just turned 5


Occ: Part-time law enforcement, full time Mom!


Sports: walking, watching football (Go Irish!)


Hobbies: reading, cooking, movies


WW History: Have tried several times before, have never stayed as committed as I feel now with Core. Was healthy weight until college, then metabolism changing, then babies, then steroids due to illness, and the rest is overweight history!

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Name ?: Tamara

Where ?: Illinois

Married ?: yes

Kids ?: yes, one of each, 3 1/2 and 19 mo.

Occupation ?: SAHM

Sports ?: basketball fan, though I'd rather participate in any sport than watch

Hobbies ?: cake decorating, reading (I have a slight cookbook obsession :embarrass )

WW history: first go around, joined 9/03/05 just a few days after my 35 birthday


SW 178.6 09/03/05

GW 146 01/14/06

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Guest armysidekick

Good day!

Name ?: Sheridan

Where ?: Germany

Married ?: Yes, 11 years this past October to my soldier!

Kids ?: 2 children, son and daughter- 7 and 10

Occupation ?: Web designer, and college student lol

Sports ?: trail biking, swimming, volleyball

Hobbies ?: scrapbooking, computer graphics, photography

WW history ?: I lost a good bit of weight on my own the first time my husband deployed. He is gone again, and we are in a new part of Germany so I haven't made friends yet. I figured WW would keep me on track, give me fresh ideas for holding myself accountable, and maybe make friends too! I'm a noooobie LOL


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Fun Idea!!


Name ?: Denise - age 44

Where ?: Southwest FL (born & raised upstate NY - Adirondacks)

Married ?: yes, 2nd time did it right - now happily married 18 years

Kids ?: yes, 1 daughter, age 25, 2 sons, ages 22 & 17 Plus now raising our adorable grandson, age3½

Occupation ?: Business owner http://www.checkdepot.net, mostly stay home and work part-time.. okay, I'll be honest - a few hours a week.

Sports ?: I really don't care for sports.

Hobbies ?: TV watching, Horseback riding (recently started taking lessons)

WW history ?: Joined almost 6 years ago for the first time. Lost 40 pounds and reached Lifetime, plus my personal goal. I adjusted my personal goal some, and pretty have been able to stay within a close range. I am now struggling to lose 10 pounds!





Made Lifetime 3/08/2000

Never since returned to starting weight... However, I have had to recommit from time to time... and get this back into order. This is NOT a diet, but a lifetime way of eating.

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Name ?: Fred

Where ?: California - SF Bay area

Married ?: 33 years in December

Kids ?: 1 grown daughter, 1 grandcat

Occupation ?: Formerly everything from garbage collector to artist but now primarily finance/accounting

Sports ?: Backpacking, hiking, camping

Hobbies ?: Community involvement, cooking, stretching my boundries

WW history ?: Lifetime in 1994 (lost 115 pounds in 9 months); this is my 598th week on maintenance. Health concerns drove me to lose the weight and now health plus other reasons (social, spiritual, and personal) help me to keep it off. CORE is the best thing ever to come along, especially the Comfort Zone. A few ups and down over the years. One of the greatest things about successful maintenance is knowing if I want to wear my suit, it will fit!

:) Smiling Fred :)


SW - 295

WW goal - 200

My goal - 180

CW - 210

HT 75"

Lifetime in 1994

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Name ?: Julie

Where ?: Los Angeles

Married ?: yes, to my college sweetheart (I left the Halloween dance with him 25 years ago :buddysmoo )

Kids ?: My students are my "kids"

Occupation ?: academic & life coach; Faculty Development Coordinator at Big Name University (where I coach the professors--I teach professors how to teach); my doctorate is in educational psychology

Sports ?: Does tormenting men by flirting with them and then watching them squirm when they find out I have a Ph.D. count as a sport? :)

Hobbies ?: sewing, cooking, reading, road trips, hanging out with my Honey

WW history ?: Became lifetime in 2002, got ill and gained 50 pounds--change in medication cocktail is enabling me to focus on losing weight again.

Note: I follow the Winning Points program :salut


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Guest Rose_Gamgee

Name ?: Rose (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it;))

Where ?: Midwest, US

Married ?: Yup, almost 10 years.

Kids ?: Yes, 3 of them under age 8.

Occupation ?: See above :)

Sports ?: Are shopping and gabbing on the phone sports?

Hobbies ?: Trying to retain an identity seperate from my role as wife and mommy. (Not that those aren't great too)

WW History?: Joined WW in 2002 and, following flex, lost 50+ pounds and achieved my Dr. approved goal weight of 160 in under a year. Over the next several months I continued to lose while I worked to try to find my "healthiest" body weight/ lifestyle. Maintained in the 140's for a year and then had some medical troubles combined with some lifestyle changes and I CHOSE to drift further and further from what I learned on WW. For the last year I have been gaining and periodically making half hearted attempts at re-commiting to Flex. After a pre Halloween candy binge (which mimicked the one that sent me to WW in the first place) I woke up and was ready to get serious about how I care for myself again. I commited to Core from Halloween until Thanksgiving to get back on track, but I LOVE it. I now believe Core could be just what I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide useful tools I need to deal with food.

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Name ?: Shelly

Where ?: Long Island NY

Married ?: yes, for 5 yrs to Rob

Kids ?: yes 1 girl- Sophia whos almost 18 months old

Occupation ?: SAHM

Sports ?: kickboxing, walking, working out

Hobbies ?: knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking , sewing ,TV watching

WW history ?: became lifetime member about 5 yrs ago kept it off till 2004 when I got pregnant was put on bedrest and gained 60 lbs :sobbing: Now I have a few left to get back to goal :exercise2

My Joys in Life

Sophia Katherine 5/21/04

Nicholas Robert 11/30/06

& 2 Angels


My Current Weight 139.5

My goal-125

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Name ?: Gail

Where ?: Alabama

Married ?: yes for 31 years to the love of my life

Kids ?: yes, daughter (28, married to a US Army Ranger and has my precious 8 mo. old grandson) and son (17, a senior in HS and has helped keep me young)

Occupation ?: retired from secretarial work to keep my two precious nieces (ages 1 & 2)

Sports ?: Alabama Crimson Tide Football!!

Hobbies ?: reading, camping, cooking

WW history ?: Joined in May of 2002 weighing 271 lbs. Made lifetime (doctor's suggested weight) of 168 in 2004. Would love to get to 150 but just happy to be where I'm at now.









Be faithful, be strong, be diligent.....

it's only good news if told in time.


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Name ?: Allison

Where ?: PA

Married ?: yes, for over 2 years

Kids ?: little boy, Almost 2 years old

Occupation ?: Recruiter

Sports ?: I don't do any, darn

Hobbies ?: COOKING

WW history ?: New, Have always been an Atkins Freak.

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Where: West of Toronto, Canada

Married: Until he pays for a divorce.LOL Now seperated.

Kids: 6 year old son. He's autistic and keeps me very busy! He's the love of my life though.:)

Occupation: I run a before and after school program in my home.

Sports: I love to swim and bowl.

Hobbies:scrapbooking, cooking, gardening, message boards,

WW history: Tried once just with help from a friend. Lost 20 but gained 15 of it back. Didn't understand all the program since I wasn't actually going.

This is my first time paying and being an actual WW member.:D

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Name ?: Donna

Where ?: Suburb of Sacaramento, California

Married ?: for 31 years

Kids ?: 2 DDs, 27 and 29 this month. Time sure flies.

Occupation?: Registered Nurse for a major HMO. I'm working in an advice/appointment call center in the pediatric queue. So, I sit at a desk in a cubicle just like the Dilbert cartoon character. I take incoming calls, and triage patients to the ER, make appointments, send messages to their doctors, or give home care advice. It is the first nursing job I've EVER had where I get all my breaks!

Sports ?: walking and hiking. Love basketball and the Sacramento Kings!

Hobbies ?: walking the dog. love reading cookbooks. If I ever get the guest room cleaned up maybe I can sew again.

WW history ?: Overweight since kindergarten. Acheived lifetime status with WW in 1978, the same day I found that I was pregnant with DD2. Lost the weight again after delivering DD2. Then up and down with many different programs, finally making my way back to WW probably in 1999-and that entailed several more attempts. Have been "doing it" more successfully now for the last 2.5 years, with small weight losses. The secret is never giving up. About 1.5 years ago they had a special offer for lifetime members of $8.50 per meeting if we didn't miss any meetings or paid for the ones we missed-and this would continue until we made it to goal. That special deal and this BCB board are keeping me right on the WW track to goal.


SW 310

GOAL 12/4/07

Proud to a Vegan WW.

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Michael Pollan

"Well, it seems to be working for me." Dr Michael Culmer

"Nuts are in hard shells for reasons." Dr John McDougall

"The salad IS the main course." Dr Joel Fuhrman

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Name: Saundra


Where: Ottawa, Canada


Married: 40 years to a great guy, still celebrating


Kids: Three grown sons, 38, 36 and 30, 2 darlng grandsons, almost 3 and 1 and a half. (I'm still waiting for my little girl)


Occupation: Just retired after 25 years as an administrator for a national pharmacy chain.


Sports: Just walking


Hobbies: Movies, reading and computer stuff


WW History: Lifetime in the 80's and back every couple of years to lose 10-20.

SW 172

GW 145

CW 143

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