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Name ?: Sierra (that's my online moniker anyway!)

Where?: Athens, GA

Married ?: Yes for 9 years

Kids ?: 2 boys ages 8 and 6.

Occupation ?: Still decideding what I want to be when I grow up. ;)

Sports ?: Martial arts, Baby! Specially, Kyuki-do and Judo

Hobbies ?: See above! Also, reading, writing, critter keepin' and child rearin'. I'm also a total geek who enjoys RPGs, Sci-fi, Ren Faires, and I'm a shakespeare buff.:D

WW history ?: I began putting on weight around 11 or 12. I've been on more "diets" than you can shake a stick at, including: Physicians Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, Atkins. I've never lost more than 30 lbs before regaining. This is my first honest effort at WW.

*SierraWind* :bcb_up

SAHMom to 3 amazing boys

~Today is the first day of the rest of my life!~


HW/CW: 468/461 :bcb_bigsm




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Name ?: Sherrill

Where ?: Beautiful Santa Barbara CA

Married ?: thinking about it

Kids ?: Furry feline ones-Sukanda "Suki" Princess Tiger Lily and Somchai "Chai" Mocha ChocoLatte YaYa

Occupation ?: Banker

Sports ?: Skates, bikes,

Hobbies ?: Gym rat, reading, drawing house plans

WW history ?: 20 years. Have lost @50lbs three separate times the last being when I joined BCB 3 yrs ago. Unfortunately some of it came back and now I'm kinda starting over.

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Great idea! Can we make this a sticky, for future reference?



Name ?: Lynn

Where ?: Southcentral/eastern PA

Married ?: yes, 24 years, like Cindy Margaret a preacher's wife!

Kids ?: yes, 2 sons, 14 and 19

Occupation ?: school psychologist and soon to be WW leader (hopefully!), occasional college professor (adjunct)...like Julie, a Doctorate in Ed. Psych (counseling psychology)

Sports ?: like ChristineP, PSU fan (and alum)! SWIMMING, tennis, hiking/camping, running, biking, walking, what did I miss?

Hobbies ?: sewing, quilting, BCB!!!, computer scrabble, reading, music, travel

WW history ?: lifetime association with WW, my mom did WW in the late 60's, I did WW unofficially as a teen, have struggled with food issues all my life, but have never been "very" overweight, first joined in my early 20's (now glad I didn't reach goal or that LOW weight would be my goal weight now too! yikes!), rejoined in my 30s ('95) and struggled to get to my new, higher goal weight, made lifetime 6/95, drifted and got into low carbing (convinced I had to eat this way to lose weight), returned in June 2005 (was gaining while lowcarbing!) about 13 lbs over goal, because I heard of CORE, got back to goal weight with the greatest of ease (and with the help of my BUDDIES) in Sept. and know I'll stay here (or lower) for the rest of my life!!!!! Started WW leader training in October, will finish in December! One CORE leader coming up!



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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name: dee

where: northern illinois

married: yes....high school sweetheart..37 years

kids: yes...2...daughter 35 married 2 sons, daughter on the way

son 32 married with a baby girl

occupation: manage a travel agency

sports: does a glass of wine infront of a fireplace count?

love to watch the packers with my family

hobbies: sewing, reading, traveling [that is why i am a travel agent]

ww history: after my daughter had her second son, we both joined ww. she did

great and got to goal. i did great the first few months...then lost

and gained the same 6 pounds until switching to core this past july.



on core and loving it:headover:

11/06/2006 159

ww goal-145lb

lbs lost so far 24

i can do this!

i will do this!

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Sports ?: like ChristineP, PSU fan (and alum)!


Hi Lynn, I am an alum too! We got married at the Nittany Lion Inn five years ago. Here are some pictures of my kids at Halloween: http://www.freeimghosting.com/gallery.php?u=cpechulis&g=Halloween-Photos.


Where do you live now? I am originally from outside of Pittsburgh. Nice to know there's another "lion" here! :D





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CUTE KIDS!!! I live in Lancaster, grew up near Wilkes Barre (opposite corner of the state!)...graduated long ago, 1981!!!



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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My DH's parents live in Williamsport, and more family of his live in a tiny town called Plymouth.


Go Lions!



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I grew up in Exeter (my parents still live there) and I know EXACTLY where tiny Plymouth is!!!!



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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I've eaten ice cream from the dairy at PSU. Does that mean I can be part of your Nittany Club? *trying not to look too eager*


Actually, I'm a Temple Owl, so I guess I shouldn't try to be part of the Happy Valley Clan. :kiss:



Note: I follow the Winning Points program :salut


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Name ?: Tiffany


Where?: Fort Worth, TX


Married ?: Yes


Kids ?: Yes DD 9, DS 8


Occupation ?: Stay at home mom, Baby sitter


Sports ?: I jog for exercise, does that count?


Hobbies ?: crocheting, music, computer


WW history ?: joined 3 times (3rd times the charm for me!!) made goal in Sept., just made Lifetime. Took 2 years but it was worth it!


SW: 264.2 :embarrass

GW: 145


Recommit SW 219


100 Miles Challenge: -15

85 to go


GW reached 9/23/05

Lifetime Member: 11/4/05

Highest weight loss: 122 pounds


Choice, not chance, determines our destiny.

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Name? Joy


Where? Northern California, Mendocino Coast


Married? not any longer:D :D :D :D :D


Kids? One daughter in College


Occupation? Jill of all trades mistress of none


Sports? horse related stuff


Hobbies? Horse back ridding, long distance endurance ridding, travel, fun!


WW History? Been here before, this time around is much easier (knock on wood)

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Guest wandaf

Name ?: Wanda

Where ?: Southeastern Kansas

Married ?: yes, for 17 years, we've been together since I was 16 and I am now 35

Kids ?: yes, 3 daughters that I homeschool (15, 11, 10 years old)

Occupation ?: SAHM, part-time college student, full-time homeschool teacher

Sports ?: taekwondo and bowling, along with biking

Hobbies ?: scrapbooking, cooking, playing computer

WW history ?: started this January for the first time, lost 62 pounds so far. Am maintaining on Core but lost everything, except for the last pound, on Flex.

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Guest Nancy Marie

Name? Nancy


Where? Southeastern, PA


Married? Yes, for 19 years


Kids? 18yo girl, 16 yo boy, 13 yo girl


Occupation? Stay at home mom and homeschool my younger two


Sports? Tennis, Volleyball


Hobbies? Garage-saling, reading, BCB


WW History? Been with WW for 3 years. Took 1 and1/2 years to lose 80 lbs. Have stayed within 5 lbs. of goal. Started core last Wed. and can't believe how much I like it.

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I've been lurking for a while, but decided to stand up and be counted. Been doing core the last few weeks and loving it!


Name ?: Marcia

Where ?: Northern Illinois

Married ?: Divorced for aeons

Kids ?: Yes, married son 31 with 2 darling little boys. Derek 5, Brandon 2. Daughter 27 who just got married in May.

Occupation ?: Office manager in a dental office. Will be 20 years this spring!

Sports ?: Walking

Hobbies ?: Gardening, quilting, knitting, crochet, and most recently punchneedle.

WW history ?: Have joined twice and been succerssful both times, but put it back on. Quit smoking 2/04 and put it back on again and then some, but I think I may have it this time. I feel very positive, strong, and calm about it... This time I will reach goal, make lifetime, and keep it off!!!


Nice meeting all of you!







"When you're on a journey without an end, make sure you're enjoying the ride." -CW

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Name : Janice

Where : Western suburbs of Chicago

Married : for 12 great years

Kids : 2 year old little girl and my baby boy is almost 5!

Occupation : high school physics teacher

Sports : none

Hobbies : reading, digital scrapbooking, taking graduate classes, going to the gym

WW history : lost a bunch back in 2000, gained it back and tried again. Third time's the charm and I feel like I'm really making changes to keep it off this time around

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level

of awareness that created them." -A.Einstein


SW 259.6/CW 236/GW 190

down 24.6 pounds in 9 weeks

Thank you CORE!

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Guest hisgraceisenough

Name ?: Jane


Where?: Wilmore, KY


Married ?: Yes


Kids ?: Not yet


Occupation ?: blah....


Sports ?: participating: swimming, racquetball, basketball

watching: football, UK Basketball!! GO CATS!!!!


Hobbies ?: dancing, volunteer work, church activities


WW history ?: 1st time lost 30lbs (2000); 2nd time lost 60 lbs (2003); going for 90 lbs this time and KEEPING IT OFF!

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Name ?: Gracie (online), Nancy (in "real" life)

Where ?: Southeastern Wisconsin

Married ?: Not any more!

Kids ?: 2 grown daughters

Occupation ?: Newly promoted to HR/Finance Director at a local non-profit organization. Nice title, no money... :crazy:

Sports ?: Walking, lifting weights, boxing (new to this, love it!)

Hobbies ?: Reading, cooking, lurking on the Core forum

WW history ?: First time, over 20 years ago. Almost made goal, then got pregnant. Been struggling ever since, but doing better with Core. I know Core is the way I will eat the rest of my life!

Gracie :strong:


Queen Sassy Mouth :p


"Don't EVEN make me come up there!" - Sal :buddysmoo


"Bye-bye, Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry..." - Don McLean, as sung by the Florida Fabbies 2007

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Name: Betty


Where: Central Florida


Married: 51 years to my best friend!


Kids: 3 sons, 3 granddaughters, 5 grandsons, 1 granddaughter-in-law


Occupation: Retired from the telepone company but I am now the Women's Ministry Director for our church and seem to be busier than when I worked!


Sports: love baseball (watching!!), walking, swimming


Hobbies: When I have time: crocheting, reading, BCB


WW History: First time was in the 70s. Got to goal but moved before made lifetime. Gained it back and more. Yo-Yo'd for many years. Joined again in 2001. Lost 53 pounds and made lifetime in 2002. In this last year I slipped and have gained back 20 pounds. Recommiting as of now to CORE.

"Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on . . . ." Philippians 3:12a

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Hi there!



Name: Marie (Marie-Laure if you can pronounce it:kiss: ...)


Where: Boston, MA (actually Newton just west of Boston)


Married: to Amit since 2001


Kids: one terrible/terrific (switches every second) 22 month old Louis


Occupation: IT program manager for GE


Sports: Keeping up with my son, step aerobics and muscle training, swimming


Hobbies: used to be reading, scrapbooking, reading, exercising, and working but I switched jobs and now it's work work work...


History with WW: 10 years ago in France, the plan where we checked 4 protein, 5 carb, 2 milk, 2 fruits, 3 veggies ,etc... It worked and I lost about 35 lbs and then went back to my old lifestyle + dealt with small eating disorder issues. Then 2 years ago. I had my son, got in a much better place mentally and found core! I have lost 40 lbs and maintained since February at that weight on Core. I've completely changed my lifestyle and eating habits.

SW 179 / CW 138 / PG 139 / WWG 145 On Maintenance since Jan 05

Pregnant and Still Loving Core!

Bon courage!:strong:

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Name ?: Linda

Where ?: Morristown, TN (1/2 hr northeast of Knoxville)

Married ?: 8 years

Kids ?: Allison - 27 months

Occupation ?: Full-time mom - former media buyer for advertising agency in Denver, CO (God I miss it there)

Sports ?: walking, softball, volleyball, golf and watching my DH race his car

Hobbies ?: reality TV, reading, talking on the phone, cooking and baking

WW history ?: Lost, gained, lost, gained - here I am to lose and stay!

-- Linda --



Start date: 4-5-11

Start weight: 224.6

Current weight: 224.6

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Name ?: Susie (34)

Where ?: South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale Area)

Married ?: yes, for 7 1/2 years

Kids ?: yes, 2 boys, ages 4 1/2 and 2 years

Occupation ?: SAHM, p/t Hebrew school teacher, I also sell baby slings www.hanginginthere.net , and pre-babies, I was a Special Education preschool teacher

Sports ?: I've never REALLY been into sports. As a family, we love to go camping, I enjoy hiking too, and enjoy an occasional spectator sport

Hobbies ?: computer, reading, spending time with the kids and dh, traveling...

WW history ?: I've had a weight problem as long as I can remember. Always felt bigger than others around me. I look back and i wasn't that overweight at times I really thought I was, just "thicker" than the little twiggies around me. Been on WW too many times to count. :) Spend lots of posting time on SDS over on the Buddy board, and I sneak peeks and post here now and again too.

Susie, 40, mom of 3...ages 10,8, and 2 1/2!

....sw/cw 225........I was active here about 5 years ago. Thinking it's time to get my feet wet again........scary, but time to just do it. :bcb_worry

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Guest NeverGivingUp

Name ?: Pat

Where ?: Eastern PA

Married ?: 1 year!

Kids ?: None, just animals - 4!

Occupation ?: I work full time as a clinical coordinator, but I would really, really, like to be a SAHW one day...

Sports ?: walking, I LOVE bike riding, occasional pilates and hand weights - need to increase this significantly if I'm going to get the body I want

Hobbies ?: Prison Break on Fox, I'm in LOVE with Michael Scofield, also love sight-seeing, surfing around on the internet, reading good novels, hanging out with my DH, and cooking.

WW history ?: I was fine until I hit 30! I used to be able to eat what I wanted, when I wanted. It's been all downhill since then. Now I can't even LOOK at food without gaining. I started on Flex last year after unsuccessful tries of just counting calories. Lost enough to look good for my wedding, then quickly gained it all back when I got careless. Now I'm on core and I love it!

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Name ?: Jill

Where ?: SW MO

Married ?: To the most wonderful husband!

Kids ?: 3 daughters - ages 23, 17 & 13, 1 son age 18 & 1 grandson age 4

Occupation ?: I own a mosaic & tile business

Sports ?: Tennis

Hobbies ?: Reading, animal lover, outdoors

WW history ?: Joined WW in 2004, lost 20 lbs on Flex, slacked off during the holiday season & gained it all back plus.

Began Core in October 2005, have lost 10 pounds so far & love it!

'You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.'

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Guest kddslm

Name ?: kelly

Where ?: PA

Married ?: yes, 10 years

Kids ?: yes, 16 yr old step daughter, 8 yr old daughter and 6 yr old son Occupation ?: sahm, & child care

Sports ?: na

Hobbies ?: being on the internet, shopping, pets

WW history ?: New 19 weeks ago,

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Name: Gail


Where: Delaware


Married: Yes. 34 years to my high school sweetheart.


Kids: 2 daughters (30 and 32) -- both married -- two granddaughters (22 mos. and 5 years old)...and don't forget the sons-in-law!


Occupation: secretary


Sports: I walk. I watch golf. I love watching the Winter Olympics on tv.


Hobbies: Knit. Read.


WW History: How much of this do you really want to know?! I remember the FIRST time I joined Weight Watchers. I was a newly-wed. I had a whoppin' 15 lbs. to lose. I joined with my AVON Representative...in 1972. I remember not wanting to eat liver. I remember slicing bread through the sides in order to have a whole sandwich (no lite bread back then). I remember eating a LOT of tuna! I stopped going to WW meetings after three times but went on to lose the 15 lbs. I should've stayed--the meeting fees were only something like a couple of dollars back then. I would have made Lifetime back then. Then I re-joined WW throughout the years to come (after having children) many times. I can remember when peanut butter was introduced into the program. I remember being able to eat a baked potato--that was a big deal. In short, I have tried every new WW program that was introduced.



Date Joined WW: 06/01/2009



GW: smaller...a lot smaller


:salut :salut

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