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Who's Who on CORE?

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Guest Aliza

Name ?: Aliza

Where ?: San Francisco, CA

Married ?: Nope

Kids ?: Nope

Occupation ?: salesperson at a maternity boutique

Sports ?: walking, running?

Hobbies ?: SHOPPING, TV, movies

WW history ?: Member since 2/06 on flex. New to core.

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Guest ginger058

Name ?: Ginger

Where ?: Salinas, California

Married ?: yes, for 40 years

Kids ?: yes, 2 grown daughters, ages 32 & 37, and a 20 year ols son in college, also, 1 wonderful granddaughter, age 14 & 1 handsome grandson age 12

Occupation ?: retired after 15 years at a credit card company

Sports ?: basketball

Hobbies ?: 3 great dogs, 2 cocketiels, lots of chickens, and gardening

WW history ?: became member over 20 years ago, got REAL thin, gained it all plus, lost, gained, lost gained...trying again!



Have a great day, looking forward to being part of this support group.:exercise:

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Name?: June

Where?: Mid Missouri

Married?: 36 years

Kids?: 1 son 26, twin daughters 25, and three wonderful grandaughters

Occupation?: Dept.Mgr. at local gift shop

Sports?: walking

Hobbies?: playing with my granddaughters

WW History?: Started WW Jan.08,2006 for the first time. Decided the core plan suited my lifestyle best.I have lost weight every week since I started. Last weigh-in Oct.23,2006 total weight lost 84lbs. I love the core plan.

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Guest acsasko

Name ?: Anne

Where ?: Houston, TX

Married ?: yes, 16 years

Kids ?: yes, 1 9yo son

Occupation ?: special education teacher

Sports ?: walking, starting to weight train, does watching little league baseball count?

Hobbies ?: knitting, reading, listening to audiobooks while knitting :)

WW history ?: Lost weight on points, quit because I could do it on my own, gained it all back and then some, rejoined in March '06 (online only)




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Name ?: Debbie

Where ?: St. Paul, MN

Married ?: engaged!

Kids ?: nope

Occupation ?: faux-librarian/graduate student

Sports ?: softball, beginning runner, step class

Hobbies ?: knitting, reading, BCB!

WW history ?: Down about 80lbs on WW - +15 on my own. Been stalled since April. Lost most of weight doing flex but not actually counting points - essentially just watching portions and making smart choices. Figured Core is the way to go!

Deb Hockey_LRWYUX.gif


SW: 263.2 (5/2/05)

CW: 208 (1/12/08)

minigoal: under 200

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Name ?: Erin

Where ?: Charlottesville, VA

Married ?: DB (2 years and counting)

Kids ?: not yet

Occupation ?: college senior/tech support

Sports ?: kayaking, yoga, pilates

Hobbies ?: cooking, reading, stand-up comedy, films

WW history ?: Lost 40 pounds during long summer of 05 on Flex, maintained basically for awhile, gained and lost same 10 pounds during various holiday times, got fed up with Flex, went dangerously off plan (gained 15 lbs) and then switched to Core.

Erin (Princess Dirty Bird)

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Guest LeslieLoo

Name: Leslie

Where: Saskatchewan, Canada

Married: Nope

Kids: Nope

Occupation: ICU Nurse

Sports: Swimming

Hobbies: Knitting, reading, scrapbooking

WW History: I joined in September this year. Core seems to be the way to go for me...no bloody counting! I've lost just over 7 lbs now and am starting to have more energy! I think this thing just might work...:work_out:

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I guess I never did this...I thought I did...*shrug*


Name ?: Jessica

Where ?: Lakeville, MA

Married ?: 4 months and counting :)

Kids ?: Nope, and I'm leaning towards not at all

Occupation ?: Help Desk Analyst

Sports ?: I'll try anything....once! :)

Hobbies ?: Um...lately? Reading, Scrapbook planning (for those wedding photos!), Gym rat

WW history ?: I started about 3 years ago. I did flex up until about 2 months ago, when I switched to core. I tipped the scales at 230 and started WW around 218. I'm now at my WW Goal and working towards losing those last 7 lbs :)



HW: 230 OSW: 218 (1/03)

CW: 181.5 (9/8)

Jumping back on the wagon and not letting go!


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I'm going to start core again on Saturday...so I might as well post!


Name ?: Kim/Kimmi/Kimber/Kimmerz (I'll respond to pretty much anything with the root Kim)

Where ?: Harford County, MD

Married ?: No marriage, I've been with my BF a little over 2 years.

Kids ?: No

Occupation ?: Chemical Engineer

Sports ?: I love them all!

Hobbies ?: Certified gym rat, fantasy football, reading, sleeping, scrapbooking, arts and crafts and watching reality tv

WW history ?: Did WW for the first time in Jan 2000. Lost about 45 lbs, went to college and gained it all back, plus some extras. Since I've graduated, I started back. I did a trip, and somewhere over the summer lost my mind and then restarted October 2005. I have been doing flex pretty much the entire time and have lost 46 lbs.

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I guess I should sign in here!


Name ?: Franceen, but I answer to Fran, Frannie, Franno...

Where ?: Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Married ?: 10 years

Kids ?: 2 - Adam (7 - dx'd with Autism in Sept 2003) and Ethan (3)

Occupation ?: Lawyer

Sports ?: certified couch potato but trying to change! Swimming, step aerobics, ballet

Hobbies ?: needlepoint, reading, cooking and entertaining

WW history ? first joined at age 14. Have followed various programs over the years and have never made it to goal. Most recently joined Jan 2006 (SW 220 lbs - thanks fertility drugs, PCOS and pregnancies!). Lost 15-20 lbs on Flex. Went off program Sept 20. Recommitted October 30, 2006. :strong:

Success is how you define it.

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Hi there!



Name ?: Isabelle or Isa

Where ?: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Married ?: Engaged!

Kids ?: Not yet, but looking forward!

Occupation ?: Microbiologist

Sports ?: Step aerobics, walking, Skiing, tennis

Hobbies ?: Reading, movies, cooking

WW history ? It is my second time on WW. The first time (in 2004), I lost 30 pounds. Re-comitted on August 15th and switched to Core on October 16th. I've lost 20 pounds yet.

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Guest ilovetoride

2nd week on Core and its going well:exercise:



Name: :Lynn

Where: Marietta, GA

Married: 10.5 years

Kids: One awesome 8 year old boy

Occupation: Service Banker

Sports: Dirtbike riding, walking

Hobbies: Camping, cooking, cards, chess, table tennis

WW history: Joined for the first time back in May 2006. I have lost 25 pounds so far. It has been so much easier that I ever would have imagined.

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Guest camaleon

Good Afternoon,


Its been a few years since I have been to this site. My name is Carolyn and I am so glad to have found this site again. I just joined WW 3 weeks ago and am on Core. I can use all the support I can get and hope to be able to give some also. I am married for 25 years and live in Amarillo Tx. I am 52 years old with 2 great young adults and a wonderful husband. Thanks for keeping this site alive. It was of great support to me in past years.. I know it will be again. I am down almost 7 lbs in the past 3 weeks and after gaining the first week I am very encouraged.. My son is getting married in March and I want to be gorgeous for his wedding. Hope everyone had a great day.

Thanks again

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Name: :Ru

Where: New York, New York

Married: nope

Kids: nope

Occupation: Senior year of college, studying computer science

Sports: to watch- baseball, basketball/ to play- basketball

Hobbies: writing, listening to music, Simming

WW history: Started March 2006, lost 30+ lbs. Tired of counting pts, giving core a try.

206.5 | 202 | 150


Mini Goal: 5% 196lbs

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Name: :Peggy

Where: Maryland

Married: happily for 27 years!!!

Kids: six boys and one girl

Occupation: RN

Sports: Working out at the athletic club 6 days/wk, the kids are all into sports


Hobbies: sewing, quilting, embroidery, exercising, dancing, quilt shows, quilt guild, cooking, kids!

WW history: became lifetime member back in '92 after losing 64 lb, had three more kids, rejoined several times between kids, but for GOOD on 2/2/06. Lost 62 lb with about 25 or 30 more to go.


s/w 261

c/w 199

goal 160:buddysmoo

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I am new to the CORE :D


Name: Sue

Where: NYC originally, lived in NYS and now live in Raleigh, NC

Married: Yes for 22 years

Kids: 1 big one, my husband...kidding;) , nah, no kids

Occupation: Quality Assurance Analyst

Sports: Karate

Hobbies: Watching old movies, watching foreign films, trying new recipes

WW history: Just started 13 weeks ago on the Points and now switching to




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Guest cay517

I just started core this week and I'm loving it so far!

Name ?: Carrie

Where ?: Western PA

Married ?: yes

Kids ?: yes~2 girls (14 and 2) and 2 boys (11 and 3)

Occupation ?: part-time medical biller for ambulance service

Hobbies ?: Scrapbooking, Collecting Boyds Bears, and Spending time with my kids

WW history ?: Started WW in aug 04'...only stayed with it a couple of months~ got to 10%...decided to start FIRMing...FIRMed for all of 05' and lost 23 lbs...quit for some unknown reason...gained all my weight back...started WW again in aug 06 and I'll never quit...I'd also love to start FIRMing again!

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Name ?: Ellen

Where ?: Eastern MD

Married ?: Partnered for 3 years (co-habitating)

Kids ?: Nope, unless you count the dog (1) and cats (2)

Occupation ?: RN

Sports ?: Cycling, weightlifting

Hobbies ?: KNITTING, blogging about knitting, movies, shopping, cooking

WW history ?: I've been a member of WW for almost a year now (with breaks) and have lost about 40#. I have a long way to go (maybe, if I'm ever brave enough, I'll post my stats in my signature). I'm a relatively new Core follower but I love not having to count and weigh every single thing.


Nice to meet everyone! :wave:


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Guest superfly

Name ?: Lilia

Where ?: L.A., CA

Married ?: yes, for 7 1/2

Kids ?: yes, 2 girls ages 7 and 2

Occupation ?: social worker

Sports ?: not really, used to dance through college but stopped in grad school (It's been 9 years)

Hobbies ?: sewing, scrapbooking, crocheting, watching tv, surfing the net

WW history ?: joined in 2001 with 15 lbs of baby fat to lose. Took me 10 months to reach lifetime! Kept it off for a couple of years. Gained slowly then got pregnant. DD is now 2, haven't lost 30 lbs of the baby fat and I'm back again.

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Name ?: Lauren

Where ?: Boston, MA

Married ?: yes

Kids ?: twin boys (5yrs) & daughter (22mo)

Occupation ?: mom, teacher, scrapbook designer

Sports ?: aerobics, jogging, yoga booty ballet, anything i can fit in

Hobbies ?: scrapbooking, designing, playing with my kids

WW history ?: joined in Oct 2000 and lost 20 lbs in 2 mo. Then I got pregnant w/ the twins....got down to 15 lbs over my pre-preg weight and got prego w/ DD....so now i have 30 lbs of baby stuck on me! Ugh! I'm having a really hard time restarting....w/in the past year i've tried a number of times. This time I'm commited and trying CORE!


Cross your fingers for me! ;)




momma to 5yr old twin boys & 22 mo. princess ;)

SW: 165.4 (12/6/06) :help:

CW: 165 (12/13/06)

GW: 130

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Guest LittleEdi

I've just turned 60, married with three grown children and three grandchildren. Done WW off and on, but lately it's harder to lose. Doing Core now and loving it, not so much for the dramatic weight loss, but for the newfound way I feel. I do believe I will succeed, but it will be quite a while before I get there.

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Name ?: Laurie

Where ?: Western NY

Married ?: Married for 18 to an awesome guy

Kids ?: 2 - Son 15, Daughter 15...yes they are twins

Occupation ?: Secretarial

Sports / Hobbies ?: Love camping and enjoy working out with various different programs, aerobics, weight training, t-tapp

WW history ?: started 2 weeks ago - have been trying to lose 20-30 lbs for years and can't seem to get there. Hoping Core will do it for me. I do like this way of eating. Very easy and healthy!


SW 158

CW 157.2

GW 130 :)

Start Date: 11/7/06


SW 158.8

CW 155.2 12/5

WWGW 135

PGW 130 :headover:


I WILL DO IT!! :jumprope: :weights:

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Just finished my first week on Core and I LOVE it!!!!!!! :buddysmoo



Where...GA since Feb '98

Married...YES to an absolutely wonderful man for 7 1/2 yrs

Kids...besides my husband -- no; just a kitty named Harley


Sports...Hiking, learning how to golf

Hobbies...reading, knitting, crafts, watching movies, playing with my kitty, spending time with DH

WW History...it's a long story...since I moved down to GA I've joined WW 5 times. The third time I was only 10-15 lbs from goal when for whatever reason I stopped. And of course I gained back what I had lost the 3rd time. This time, the 5th and last, my resolve is much stronger than it has been in the past. I WILL MAKE IT to goal AND LIFETIME!!!!! No matter how long it takes!!!!! :strong:


Started WW...12/18/08...6th time.

AGE 39


WW SW 193.8 (12/18/08)

CW 187.2 (01/02/09)

WW GW 135

:wave: SAYING GOODBYE to the 190s...

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Guest andreaphilip3






Sports...swimming, weights, kick boxing

Hobbies...reading, knitting,, watching movies, playing with my kitty, virgil

WW History... am a LFM that fell off the wagon. been a ww member since 95. have been on and off since.

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Guest Watersongbird

Name: Gail

Where: Nevada

Married: Yes, for 23 years.

Kids: Yes, 3 boys, 21, 19, 17.

Occupation: librarian-in-training, full-time grad student, stay at home mom right now.

Sports: Solitary pursuits – walking, yoga.

Hobbies: Reading, sewing, knitting.

WW history: Have joined several times, but never got to goal. In fact, I have always started in August (my birthday) and have lost about 20 pounds, got so tired of counting, weighing, and measuring that I would quit. Right now I am hanging in there – no quitting ever! :headover:

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