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Squash For Thanksgiving

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My dish to make for Thanksgiving dinner this year is squash. I found a real easy & yummy way to make it. My boyfriend even likes it, & he usually does'nt.

I take some buttercup & acorn cook each in the microwave & cook them a bit to soften them. When they are done scoop them out with an ice cream scoop, found that to work really easy for me.

Then sprinkle with the no calorie butter spray, nutmeg, & cinnomon. Microwave again for about 5 minutes before you are ready to serve... done

Best part low or if none in points:exercise:

This is part of my journey, glad to have you all with me, to keep me company along the ride...

For Christmas of 2004, my parents bought me pants that were a Size 18!

For this year they bought me Size 10!

Joined WW in Jan of 05 & made Lifetime in Aug of 05:strong: :) :D .

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