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Guest kcityroller

WW weigh in humor

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Guest kcityroller

Before leaving home:

1. Nurse the baby (I skip this one most of the time since I don't have a baby)

2. Remove nail polish.

3. Clip fingernails and toenails (to the quick!).

4. Pop all pimples

5. Tweeze all unwanted hair from face.

6. Shave legs, underarms and any other part of body which looks like it needs it

7. Loofah to remove dead skin

8. Remove ribbon from hair

9. Get a hair cut

10. Donate blood and any other fluid that can be removed without police involvement.

11. Blow nose.

12. Clean lint from belly button and jam from between toes.

13. Pee

14. Poo

15. Weigh clothing and dress accordingly

16. DO NOT SWALLOW AGAIN UNTIL AFTER WEIGH-IN, carry a cup to spit in!


Upon arrival at Weight Watchers:

1. Pee

2. Remove hand lotion and makeup

3. Remove contacts

4. Remove unnecessary 'hidden' articles of clothing

5. Blow nose again

6. While in the restroom, carefully examine body for anything which might be removed including warts and moles

7. Pee again - at least try!

8. Remove shoes, work ID badge, jewels, belt, socks, suspenders, etc.

9. Empty all pockets

10. Can you pee again? If so, do it!

11. Slowly step on the scale

12. Hold both arms straight and reach for the ceiling

13. Pray

14. Exhale completely; don't forget there is air held in your lungs that usually doesn't get expelled; find someone to hit you in the chest hard enough to 'knock the air out' of you.


After weigh-in:

1. Catch your breath

2. Blame the results on whoever you can -- if necessary.

3. Get dressed

4. Sit down and stay for the meeting

5. Learn something new!


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Guest Cassie0624

Well, I know what to do when the scale doesn't say what I want it too! Thanks!

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