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How do you feel after exercising?

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Hello all,


I was wondering what do you and how do you all feel after exercising?


After I get in a good workout I usually feel like can breathe 100 times deeper and clearer- which I LOVE!!!!! But no matter if I am busy or on the PC after that- I feel tired- Like I could sleep for 3 hrs? Does that make sense? Does this happen to anyone else? What can I do the keep me awake and refreshed?




SW: 358.4 - (11/29/10)


315- (11/19/14)


Total loss- 43.4 lbs!



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Guest CarefreeCas

Are you eating something before the workout? Do you have something

after you workout? How long does your workout last?


I generally munch on a WW bar or something an hour before I go for a

longer (an hour or so) run. I also generally eat dinner afterwards

(although I don't always feel like eating). I figure it helps steady my

blood sugar, and my raised metabolism from the exercising utilizes my

dinner calories as at quick rate.


I do notice that if I don't eat enough throughout the day, I will feel

really tired after a workout. I generally eat 5 times throughout the day --

midmorning snack, afternoon snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner. I do carefully

watch portion sizes during my regular meals.


Hope that helps,


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