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Pig, Failure, or Neither...??? HELP, I Need Feedback!

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:crazy: :crazy: Question...

Since joining the program, in what will be a year in 2 weeks. I can honestly say that, I never ever went off program once. I made Lifetime by loosing 59 pounds already.

So guess what??? Christmas Eve & Day come along & BAM! They kill me, I mean I ate like I had never ever seen food before in my 35 years of life.

Today I wake up, & I can say I was glad to be back on program. "Pigging Out" did'nt even sound good to me.

As a matter of fact, I did 50 crunches tonite, while watching a movie. Me 50, crunches that is amazing for me.

So my question is... Should I still feel like a WW failure because I could'nt contain myself on the 24 & 25th. I almost guilty. Kinda like the cat that swallowed the canary...

It's maddening


This is part of my journey, glad to have you all with me, to keep me company along the ride...

For Christmas of 2004, my parents bought me pants that were a Size 18!

For this year they bought me Size 10!

Joined WW in Jan of 05 & made Lifetime in Aug of 05:strong: :) :D .

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You know what it was two days and now you are back on plan. It is not the end of the world. In the end you made the right decision to return to your usual healthy habits. Many fall off and stay off. I am sure with flex and activity points you will even everything out.

pudgie lifeti:exercise: me

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Not a pig, not a failure. Nope. Those kinds of thoughts about yourself prolly got you overweight to begin with. Beating ourselves up is sometimes a way to convince ourselves that we "aren't good enough to be thin, so why try?" A little voice that keeps at us in the way back of our mind is our self doubt.....surely something that can stop us dead in our tracks. Fight that little voice, it is testing you......by taking action NOW! you can beat it out of your brain. eatchicken.gif Be stronger than it. One thing that I have learned from this board in the brief three weeks I have been here, allowing a pity party is not acceptable.:D I will not allow you to question yourself and your success.....:jump_jack Now get moving Corporal! (oops, can a "Private" boss a "Corporal" around?:p )


MOTHER Juniper;)

"I finally decided I wanted dignity more than food". Frances Kuffel

What I do with my spare time!

Restarted 8/11/07 205 lbs


GW 155

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I had weigh in today. I've been on program since August totally OP. I had a 4 pound gain today! I did eat more then I usually did. I did not count points Christmas day or the next. But I didn't eat a lot of bad food, just too much of it! I ate a lot of salted mixed nuts and cookies. I am not thrilled about this by any means. I have 2 choices, keep eating poorly or get back on program. I went back on program. I'm not going to mess up all the work I've done in the past 19 weeks. I will now focus on repairing what I’ve done by exercising and staying OP. I feel bloated and yucky. I will focus on this when New Years is here so I don’t do it again!!

Joined WW: 8/23/05

SW: 217.2

CW: 190.8

Total weight loss to date -26.4

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Sounds like you are already back on track!!


I AM PROUD OF YOU!!!024.gif

SW: 228.80, 9/15/ 05

WW: 173.00, 9/15/06

WW: 170.00, 9/15/07

01/07/06: 25lbs Gone!!!!, WW 25lb. Magnet

01/21/06: Reached ONEDERLAND!!!!

08/05/06: Reached LIFETIME !!!

:goal::goal:: Total Loss FOREVER: (-58.80):strong::strong::strong:

Maintaining: 170.00

GW: 180.00

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never never- you are a total winner for getting back on. Most people (me included) would really struggle to get going again (not in the morning when I have a tummy ache from the pig out, but by that afternoon- uh oh).



anyhow, you are doing awesome... it was just a lesson...

Susan (aka Cowgirly)

Starting 220 lbs Current: 187 lbs Goal: 140 lbs

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The thing to do is to make a plan for next time. Why were those days harder? What would you do differently next time? Can you see how that "binge" made you feel? That's what a Bootcamper needs to do. Good for you for not giving up.

Amy-SAHM of 4


HW: 217

CW: 217


Starting WW's new plan (again for the millionth time) 1/2/12

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