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4 years of bootcamping, X-post from 100+

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Most people who lose weight regain it. For some it's a rule. They use it to make excuses for not losing weight. I'll gain it all back anyway. I always have. People always do.


Well, I am the exception that confirms the rule. I am the success who makes the less dedicated uncomfortable. I am the ugly duckling who turned into a goose, and learned to live with it.


Four years ago I weighed 220 pounds. I had lost 30 pounds doing WW on my own, but I had restarted meetings for the last time. I didn't know then that it would be my last time. In the back of my head I was still making excuses. I can eat that and not write it down. I'll gain all the weight back anyway.


I was spending some time back then on a swedish weight loss support board. Every time I binged, every time I was whining about how sorry I felt for myself for being fat the people on that board pat me on the back and comforted me. You can start again next week. You had a bad day. Noone can do WW all the time. Weight loss is hard, you deserve a break. It was a special occation... etc.


Then I found bootcamp.


I was terrified by the attitude. I was scared by all the successful americans. I was intimidated by the OP 24/7/365 approach. And I was drawn to the boards like flies to honey.

I started posting. Was welcomed. Went off-P. Whined about it and got my butt kicked big time!!!! I was crying that day. I was soo sad. Why didn't the bootcamp buddies like me? But I came back. My first years at the BCB board was a constant on and off. Then it clicked.


I mean CLICKED!!!


There are millions of people out there. Not one single one of them have any responsibility for my weight. I am my own responsibility. I am the most important person in my life. Through therapy and getting older and listening to my buddies I have learned so much about myself. You have all been an integral part of my journey.

A journey that is by no means over. It never will be. I am on WW to stay. I have no problem writing down everything I eat for the rest of my life. I have no problem counting points. I don't mind planning, and saying no to things I can't fit into my program. (At least not most days) I am not done yet! I am starting to think that no important thing in our lives is ever done. That the only things that can be finished are the things that aren't really important. Job stuff, washing windows, shopping can be crossed off a list. Growing as a person, caring for our children and striving for peace can't. They are important because they are with us at all times, and thay are with us at all times because they are important!


I have something that most people don't have. I have the support of people who share my view on responsibility. I have friends that will carry me through the hard times. I have buddies that will tell me that any NSV is significant. I have you. And you have helped teaching me that I have me.


That is why I am the uncomfortable exception in the mind of those who want to make excuses. That is why I know I'm here for life. And that is why I am proud to be a goose!! HONK, HONK!:bcbsalute




HW/Restart 2017-09-18/CW/GW


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