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I was curious if anyone here has tried the Jillian Michaels (trainer from The Biggest Loser) workout videos? I have seen 2 different ones at Wal-Mart, but wasn't sure if they would be good. Any opinions?


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I just tried the front video and really could take it or leave it. It is 25 minutes...the first 5 a warm-up. The warm-up is very intense though...starts off very quick. Most of the work-out is timed out....the people in it literally count out 30 seconds or ten reps...a lot of jumping...on the floor jumping the legs in and out and a lot of jumping with knees up. No weights, but some resistance things like tricep dips and inner leg raises. Jillian has a killer body, but is a bit annoying and harsh in the video...just as you would see her on the Biggest Loser....that was not real motivating to me. Overall, I like the Firm workouts so much better and do not see myself really using the video all that often. I would save your money personally.

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I haven't done them but I notice that collagevideo has added them to the catalog. They didn't put a "Staff Favorite" check mark next to her vids. Sometimes that's a good indicator to differentiate between hype and solid tapes.

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