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Can you put flank steak in the crock pot????

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Hi Everyone,


I wanted to know Can you put flank steak in the crock pot???? If so does anyone have a recipe. Flank steak is the only thing I have in the freezer and if I cook it in the broiler I will not be able to chew it well due to teeth hurting right now issues.





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Hi Melinda,


I do it all the time! My favorite way to do it is to make a stuffing of some sort. Sometimes I use a box of stovetop, omit the butter and use only 1/2 of the water. Most times I like to be more point friendly so I use chopped onions, sliced mushrooms and a defrosted box of spinach. Combine what ever stuffing you are going to use and then set aside. Cut all visable fat off the flank steak, lay it flat, put the stuffing in the middle, roll the steak around the stuffing and set it in the crockpot seam side down. Mix 1/2 C beef broth with 1/2 C red wine and pour over the top. Cook on low for aprox 8-10 hours. I don't have the points because it depends on what you stuff it with. It seems to me that 4 oz of the steak without stuffing is 6 points - but look it up to be sure :)





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Guest Denise02

Oh yes I love my crock and do everything in it.


Try Philly cheese steaks.


Slice your flank into thin long slices. Add 1 onion more if you like it lots. Beef bullion worchester (sp??) sauce and pepper. Cook on low all day. I do stir it a couple of time to break up the meat so it doesn't cook stuck together.The last hour I add green pepper. Take a whole grain tortilla andd ff cream cheas and then the meat mixture. Give it a few seconds for cream cheese to melt. Serve with a salad and yum.



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