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I hit my 10% !!!

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Hello out there to all of my buddies!!! I finally hit my first 10%!!!! As you can see in my signature line, I've been trying for quite awile, I average just 1.2# per week, but I really believe in the saying..."Slow & Steady..."

I'm just SO excited that I finally hit it. Got my nifty little keychain and everything. :D

Now I need to set a new mini goal, maybe 140?

This journey would not be nearly as meaningful without the support of all of you guys, and I just want to say thanks so much!!! :buddysmoo


I refuse to sacrifice what I want most for what I want now!! (Author unknown)



October, 2008

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What a great accomplishment!!




SW: 228.80, 9/15/ 05

WW: 173.00, 9/15/06

WW: 170.00, 9/15/07

01/07/06: 25lbs Gone!!!!, WW 25lb. Magnet

01/21/06: Reached ONEDERLAND!!!!

08/05/06: Reached LIFETIME !!!

:goal::goal:: Total Loss FOREVER: (-58.80):strong::strong::strong:

Maintaining: 170.00

GW: 180.00

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Another woo hoo 9.gif. That's great news! Keep it up and off :).



P.S. jasmynjes, I love your gif.

SW: 204.6 Highest ever :mad:

CW: 186.5 Thank Goodness:bcb_up

10%:183.6 Fantastic :bcb_happy

GW: 155 Excellent!


In regard to losing: Every ounce counts!

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