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What I've learned in a year; a baker's dozen ~ originally written by Mamajean

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Originall posted by Mamajean**

I originally posted this on the 100+ board and someone asked me to repost it here:

I just recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary with WW, and wanted to spend some time thinking about what I have learned so far on this journey.

First of all, I never thought I would make it this far. I just didn't think I could stay on any DIET for a whole year. Looking back, I cannot believe it's actually been a whole year! So in addition to losing 84.8 pounds, how am I different now than I was a year ago?


1. I've learned that eating is a separate activity from socializing. I can go to a party or hang out with friends and not automatically have to eat. I can talk and listen and just BE SOCIAL. If I want to eat, I've learned how to bank points. This was my first big "click."


2. I've learned that, for me, the biggest temptation comes if I think a food is "forbidden." So, for my money, it's better to bank points and have the real cheesecake, etc. sometimes. For example, over Christmas, I CRAVED some of my own homemade Christmas cookies. On a couple of occasions, I used some banked points to have a few. After that I decided that it wasn't worth the points. If I try to deny myself a treat completely, I am setting myself up. I'll be "perfect" for a while, then I'll just crash and possibly binge. I haven't done that on WW, but I've done it PLENTY of times in the past on various diets.


3. I've learned that WW is not a diet. Yeah, yeah, heard it before but didn't really understand what it meant until about 5-6 months into it, when I realized that I ENJOYED eating this way; that I could eat this way for the rest of my life even if I never lost another ounce simply because I felt so much better.


4. I've learned that, although I probably never will actually LIKE veggies, eating them makes my body feel good and cuts down sugar cravings almost entirely. I'm seeing that maturity is sometimes being able to do things you don't really like to do (such as eat veggies!) because you do like the result.


5. I've learned that I need a certain amount of protein. If I go several days without getting enough, I start to feel hungry all the time.


6. I've learned that there are people who will try to sabotage you when your weight loss gets more noticable. I value and make use of genuine support when I find it (like from my wonderful, incredible grown children and BCB) and let the rest go.


7. I've learned that I am worth taking care of.


8. I've learned that others going off program need not affect me. I can still stay OP.


9. I've learned to almost enjoy exercise. Hey, I'm getting there; a year ago I avoided physical activity like the plague! Even more importantly, like veggies, I've learned that whether I enjoy it or not is really immaterial. I do it anyway.


10. I've learned that, short of tying me down and forcing a funnel down my throat, no one and no circumstance can "make" me eat off program.


11. I've learned that rewarding myself for things I can control (like staying OP) rather than for things I have limited control over (like the number on the scale) makes more sense. I know if I stay OP, the numbers will eventually fall. I rewarded myself for going the entire Christmas season without going off program once. I was proud of that one; it was hard.


12. I've learned that every difficult situation in which I stay OP gives me so much more "ammunition" when the next difficult occasion comes and that planning ahead is vital to accomplish this. Staying OP on vacation helped me realize that I could stay OP over Thanksgiving. Staying OP over Thanksgiving made me realize I could do it over Christmas too.


13. Most importantly of all, I've learned that all the little moments, hours, and days of staying OP really do add up. It can be so tempting to say, "Just this once"... I'll forget about journalling, I'll go off program, etc. But every time you make the decision to stay OP, you are building a bank of successful experiences which eventually add up. And, now, a year later, for me they have added up to nearly 85 pounds less of me!


I'm not too embarrassed to say it:


and if you're still reading, YAY FOR YOU TOO!!!

We're all proving that it can be done OMOHOD at a time!!!







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