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I am experiencing a lot of stress and turmoil in my life right now and think yoga might help me relax and feel better about things in general. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a good tape/dvd that aides in relaxation or mediation type yoga (not into the “power yoga” stuff right now. )






sw-227(May 05)

rsw 182

cw 176.2 (12/14)


pgw 145-150




one day at a time

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I have a DVD called "Yoga conditioning for weight loss" which has 3 workout levels with different levels of modification. I watched it through once and never did it because I like workouts where you're jumping around and doing stuff, and this was...well, yoga. Mellow, stretchy, posey stuff (all technical terms :D).


If you want to pay for the shipping, I'll send it to you (no cost for the DVD). PM me if you're interested.

Recomitted 1/14/08

SW: 134

CW: 130

GW: 115

Total Weight Lost: 4 pounds


Mini-goal: 125

(Reward: tennis racquet)

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Guest Hailey

I have a 5 set series, by GAIAM; called Living Yoga collection, it includes Yoga conditioning for life, Abs Yoga, Lower body yoga, upper body yoga, and Stress Relief Yoga, I was lucky enough to find the series for $6.99 at our local ocean state job lot. But they have them at Walmart, and Target. Good Luck!

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