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BCB Soldier At War by Millermega

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BCB Soldier At War

by millermega


There was a soldier who joined the Army. You see there was an important fight going on, and she wanted to be a part of it. The enemy was grueling, dangerous and evil, but the solider knew the cause was good so she joined the ranks and fell in line with the troops.


There was an extensive training set up for the new troops. They read the Army training manual and Philosophy, had vigorous work outs, learned the importance of drinking water so their body wouldn’t dehydrate during training, learned the importance of rationing, were taught record keeping techniques as well as plotting maps. This training went on for one week before the new troops was permitted to go to battle.


Finally, the day came when this new soldier, along with her troops, was ready to face the enemy. Her first assignment was to the lookout tower (watching for the enemy that might be sneaking up to overcome the troops). After four hours at her post, she was fighting hard to keep her eyes open as she knew if she didn’t, they would be overtaken for sure. In order to combat the sleep, she began to exercise at her post (1, 2, 3, 4). On and on she would do stretches, take a drink, eat an Army issued CG energy bar, and watch. This went on for two hours. She found her strength was giving out, so she began strategizing in her mind how she would be successful in helping win the war. She continued her watch as she made a mental plan on how to be successful, then turned those plans into how this would help her once the war was over.


Her eyes blurred as she continued to watch for the enemy, then all at once “pow.” The enemy had struck and she didn’t even see it coming. After all had settled, the solider approached the Commander with a big salute and said, “I didn’t see the enemy coming, what did I do wrong?” The Commander advised the solider that her dedication had not been strong enough. She had become so used to her surroundings that she didn’t see the trees moving on the ground….thus the troop has suffered some damage.


The soldier began making excuses for why she had not seen the enemy coming, “but I was having trouble staying awake so I did my exercises, and and I ate my energy bar and drank my water,” and “I was strategizing on how to help win the war,” and “I was thinking of all the things we will do when we win the war.” The Commander kicked her in the butt , and said, “yes, soldier, but you let your guard down by getting too comfortable in your role and not keeping on your toes.” The Commander went on to say “instead of making excuses for why you missed seeing the enemy coming, you need to stop and get yourself back on track.” The Commander went on to say, “This time, we were lucky, we suffered minimal damage. But are you prepared for the next time? Have you learned how to prevent another blind attack?”


The solider pulled up her bootstraps and exclaimed, “I’ve got it. I must make plan on how to see the enemy at all times, I must abide by the Army laws, I must be dedicated to the cause, take care of my health in the process, set goals and seek rewards for my success” she was jumping up and down and very loud. The Commander smiled deeply at the solider and said "ahhhh, that’s right, you’re going to help us win this war after all…you have learned empowerment.”


The soldier, and the troops, went on to win this war. Had it not been for the tough love of the Commander, this soldier would have surely been lost, and thus the whole troop would have suffered damage.


So buddies, are you prepared to win the war…the ultimate sacrifice?


Just as in the story, a BCB soldier must:


-- recognize the war we are fighting (so we are healthy)

-- read and agree to the BCB Philosophy and Training Manual

-- eat within our points (rations)

-- drink our water

-- exercise

-- journal every bite, lick, taste

-- plot your goals

-- watch for triggers that will cause you to go off program (lookout tower)

-- have a plan in place for being successful in your journey (win the war)

-- reward yourself for successes along the journey

-- stay dedicated to your cause

-- never make excuses, just get back OP

-- don’t get used to your surroundings, vary your points, exercise routines, your plan

-- stay on your toes for things that might create you to fail, i.e. had a fight with DH, being sick (make a plan)

-- be prepared for tough love should you get off track

-- recognize that one slip will create minimal damage, but continued slips will create bigger damage to your health, your confidence, and your goals

-- if you fail to see the enemy (inner-brat) and you suffer an attack, write down all the things you could have done to prevent the attack for future reference. Keep it handy so you will be prepared

-- after tough love, realize your Commander and troop cares about you and your success

-- recognize that whining and excuses bring the troop down…thus, no one is at the lookout tower

-- be empowered

-- win the war (lifestyle journey)


Hugz to all my wonderful buddies!




http://pages.ivillage.com/millermega -- My Lifestyle Journey to Health Web Page

http://pages.ivillage.com/millermega/class -- My Homework Page


Self Affirmation: "I am in charge of my health." "I Am Skinny."


Elite Fighting Force -- fighting to win the war of life with self-preservation, self-esteem, self-dignity, self-knowledge, self-help, and self-love (lots and lots of self-love) by millermega


Recommit Date: 10/13/01

223 Before WW Starting Weight

210 WW Starting Weight

184 Current Weight

145 Goal


Officially a non smoker as of 9:00 pm 01/24/01

Goal: 150

Weight 189

Premier all natural made in the USA pet products

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