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Work out shoes question

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Ok all you workout mavens. I need some help.


First of all I have very high arches and instep and narrow heels and wide toes. ( I know paints a pretty picture.)

When I started working out I used my running shoes and was doing some dance/aerobics videos. I did have problems with my feet in the beginning but it seemed to only be in parts of the workout so I just trudged on.


I have since progressed to TaeBo and my feet are KILLING me. The balls of my feet cramp when I am trying to do the twisting motion required for the kicks and punches. In the video most of them wear like a flat/wrestling type shoe, so I purchased a pair of Addidas goodyears. www.shopadidas.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2179595&shopGroup=R&cp=2039765.2019615.2178666&parentPage=family&colorId=447683

I had to take them off 1/2 through the exercise because of the cramps again.

So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My feet thank you.




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Nike Shox wrok great for me. I think maybe you should go to a Dr. about your feet and proper shoe fit. Or maybe a trainer. I'm sure that would help you out alot. I had a pair that I had to break in for like amonth b4 I could exercise in them w/out my feet killing me. Maybe wear them all day for a few days if possible just to get them used to your foot, then if they still hurt, talk to someone about it. :wave:


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Hi, I have very similar issues with my feet. I almost always purchase Ryka Rhythm II Aerobic Athletic Shoes and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I mostly use this brand for Step aerobics and circuit training. I special order Nike's for running shoes. Anyway, alot of the time I can purchase the Ryka Rhythm's on Ebay for about 25.00 off retail. Hope that helps!




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I would go with aerobics shoes first for videos, if you can find them. My second choice is cross trainers. Running shoes are not designed to handle side to side motions or twists and turns. They are designed to be lightweight and provide cushioning and support for running.


Past that, you now need to find shoes that fit. You may be able to find a good store with people that know what they're doing to help fit you properly. You will pay list price but it will be worth it. We have one such store here. And it's not a chain.


I have a high arch and personally I cannot wear anything from Nike or most other manufacturers. I can occasionally find a model by Asics or Reebok that is OK, and my cross trainers are New Balance. I would never consider buying shoes online unless it was a model and size that I already knew would fit properly. I can just imagine ordering 20 or 30 pairs of shoes and sending all but one of them back.


Because aerobics shoes are hard to find (and getting harder), I do not wear my aerobics shoes for anything else. Just aerobics. They stay clean and they last longer.



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